khayru'l quruni qarni

Discussion in 'Hadith' started by sunnistudent, Nov 19, 2011.

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    unless gg declares his persuasion, his posts will be deleted. all mods take note. so also with abu fadl.

    once again: unless abdal qadir's post is answered neither gg nor abu fadl will be allowed here to post.

    real men do not fear to take a stand.

    i have no qualms banning them, because they are useless time-wasters, but naive brothers wanted them back.
  2. what is your obsession with me anyway?

    why dont you convince me about what you believe? we are not at your local madrassa reading yassarnalquran, mate!
    I think, it is best that I do not engage with you. if you have anything to refute something i say then my dear brother sahib, you are most welcome.
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  3. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    gg - what is your 3aqidah on tafzil?

    1) Shaykhayn are afzal to Imam Ali, radiwan Allahi 3alaihim

    2) Imam Ali is afzal to Shaykhayn.

    3) I do not possess the knowledge to decide.

    Just choose ONE of the 3 and get it over with with your pot stirring. Why hide you 3aqidah and only make "implications"? Your 3aqidah defines who you are. You should state it proudly.
  4. yes, another interesting one, perhaps, is that the number of letters in ayat e tatheer are 47 and the number of letters of the names of twelve imams plus seyyeda fatima zahra(s) are also 47.

    though i'm not entirely sure.
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    mufti ayyub ashrafi delivered a talk yesterday at victoria park masjid, manchester, on the fadayil of sayyidina umar and sayyidina uthman radiyAllahu ta'ala anhuma.

    he said, some scholars have written that the hadith khayru'l quruni qarni indicated towards the 4 khulafa.

    the last letter of siddiq is Q
    the last letter of umar is R
    the last letter of uthman is N
    the last letter of ali is I

    QRNI are the 4 letters of qarni.

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