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    Unfortunately this is what many have reduced "sulook" to, a "Murshid Kamil" will serve you not be served upon and not in such lavish detail.

    Allaah the Exalted forgive us!
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    ....and yet when our mother asks us to make a cup of tea...we can't be bothered !!
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    Is there a reason for posting this. Do you think it's excessive or are you sharing to help others?
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    Khidma notes
    for Shaykh

    Version 2.0

    November 24, 2016
    Presented by: UK murids

    Service Specification

    This document will provide a basic overview of khidma delivered to Shaykh. It will include general adab whilst in the presence of the Shaykh and also an overview of services Shaykh has preference to during visits in the UK.

    Adab with the Shaykh

    Adab covers many areas in general:
     Remain silent unless spoken to
     Maintain focus
     Be smartly dressed
     Plan ahead
     Be mindful of body language
     Take care in the use of language
     Carry a note pad and pen to take notes
     Avoid turning your back to the Shaykh
     Avoid saying ‘no’ to the Shaykh
     Plan well so not to be late
     Arrive at the apartment 10-15 minutes before leaving time and inform the Shaykh of presence.

    Travels: driver should be ready to depart and know the quickest route to destination. Car should be clean, not in need to petro stops whilst in journey, Driver should drive safely and be focused on the road. The accompanying khadims should inform of arrival at necessary intervals and prepare routes. Move quickly and decisively.

    Venue: a green room should be prepared so that there is time to collect self and thoughts. Useful to have refreshments and light snacks – see below, ask the Shaykh if they would like to be visited of there is a guest who has come to see the Shaykh.

    Meal invites: Shaykh should be priortised over the self. Make sure that they are attended to and served properly. Check for presence of cutlery, crockery, etc and facilitate this quickly and quietly. Shaykh do not like sitting on the floor due to their knees. Therefore, check on availability of tables and chairs.


    The accommodation should have wi-fi, be roomy, clean, in a area of town that is quiet. The apartment should be cleaned, aired and checked prior to Shaykh’s arrival. Check the apartment ware such as cutlery, lights etc, that that are not unusable or do not need to be replaced. If cold then heaters should be on. Light scented candles and flowers may help with setting a welcoming ambience.

    Ensure basic facilities are made available including:

    Prayer Area: locate a suitable place for to place the prayer mat. The prayer mat must be comfortable –it would be wise to layer two thick prayer mats. Place them in the direction of prayer. The prayer mats must be clean and not smelling from socks, dampness. Place itr bottles the side of the prayer mat and drop a few drops of itr in to the mat to scent. The itr should be of good quality. The prayer area should be accompanies by a prayer timetable.

    Living Room: The lap-top and printer should be set up on the coffee table and situated by the sofa. The lap-top should be already connected to the internet. The printer should have a full cartridge and plenty of paper to print. Bring a adapter that converts from two-pin to UK three-pin. Place a bottle of water on the dining table with a box of large tissues and a glass which should be turned upside

    Service Specification

    Bathroom: bathroom slippers, lota, new toothbrush, fresh toothpaste, mouthwash, hand wash, soap, shower gel, - all items to be placed appropriately.

    Kitchen: cubed brown sugar, acacia honey, tea bags, coffee, semi-skimmed milk, butter, jam (selection of small), peanut butter, white bread, and 50/50 Kingsmill rolls, cheddar cheese, pre-cut fruit, Pepsi cans, water bottle (Highland Spring – or any with low Mg count), mango lassi, mango juice.

    Frosties, Cornflakes, cookies (mixed), non-salted nuts including cashews, dried fruit – multiple small packs are useful, chocolate - M&M’s Nuts, Snickers, non-slated crackers, hummus, olives, olive oil. Kitchen Towels, hand wash.

    Bedroom: Bottle of water, box of tissues, Itr, hangers, scented candles.

    Food & Drink

    In short – healthy food is preferred such as Arab, Turkish, Afghan, and Mediterranean not oily, fried or spicy food. Below are examples.

    Dish Location Address Phone Notes

    Lentil Curry

    Desi Roti & Khana 158 Cape Hill, Smethwick,B66 4PH

    0121 558 8866

    Less Oil in Curry, Naan not Roti.

    Vegetable Curry

    The Cave Restaurant &Sweets

    89 Cape Hill, Smethwick, B66 4SG

    0121 565 5382

    Mild Spice, with Naan


    Tahini Grill

    325 Dudley Rd, Smethwick, B18 4HB

    0121 456 3238

    Olive Oil in separate container

    Grilled Chicken With Rice

    Tahini Grill

    325 Dudley Rd, Smethwick, B18 4HB

    0121 456 3238

    Mild Spice


    Mixed Veg Curry, Potato Curry with naan

    Ziryab Executive Buffet

    35-41 Highfield Road,Saltley,Birmingham

    B8 3QD

    0121 327 9717

    Less Oil In Curry

    Antep Platter

    Antep Restaurant 368-370 Ladypool Rd, Sparkhill, Birmingham, B12 8JY

    0121 238 3622

    Mild Spice

    Bader Restaurant

    396 Coventry Rd, Birmingham, B10 0UF

    0121 766 5799

    Grilled Chicken and Rice Momo’s Diner

    5 Whitmore Road, Birmingham. B10 0NR

    0121 772 4000
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    Here is the text for those that are unable to view the images
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