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Discussion in 'Tarikh' started by Ghulam e Mustafa, Nov 21, 2014.

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  1. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    I don't know about konkanis but here Malabar coast there are many Sunnis Alhamdulillah. Many great ulama and Sufis are here by the grace of Allah.
  2. Muslimah Madani

    Muslimah Madani New Member

    Will be going to kokan in December for the first time InshaAllah. I have family who are studying at Jamia Imam Ahmed raza but I have also heard it has been recently heavily influenced by non Sunnis . The kokanis here in South Africa are majority Sunnis .
  3. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    i would love to meet brothers from Karnataka and Konkan region.

    Me from Karnataka bro
  4. Ghulam e Mustafa

    Ghulam e Mustafa Active Member

    There many Sahaba ( Radiyallahu anhu ) are buried in Kerala and Mangalore. And there many Masajids founded by Malik ibn Dinar (radiyallahu anhu ) I saw a masjid which founded in 26 Hijri in mangalore.
  5. Wasim

    Wasim Guest

    As salaam o Alaykum
    I am from Mumbai.

    do you live in England?
    No, i live in mumbai.
  6. Wadood

    Wadood Veteran

    brother wasim, you have not introduced yourself. Please can you share where you are from, and where do you currently live?

    do you live in England?

    brother Najibullah, i have seen you on that website sunnaforum. Are you from India? Do you live currently in England

    i would love to meet brothers from Karnataka and Konkan region

    jazakAllah khair
  7. Wasim

    Wasim Guest


    i have been to Darul Uloom Imam Ahmed Raza, MashAllah, a very large jamia is located on hills, very good cool environment, this is one of the best jamia for girls in maharashtra, if i am not wrong mostly alimas of mumbai are learned from this jamia, there are so many taalib/taaliba from south side (hubli -karnataka)
  8. Najibullah

    Najibullah New Member

    I agree. The areas of Chiplun, Ratnagiri etc. are heavily wahabised.

    May Allah bless and protect Al Haj Maulana Ismail Ahmed Jani who established a large Jamia in Kondivere, Darul Uloom Imam Ahmed Raza. Anyone looking for a cool environment to study, should consider this place.

    Here's their official website:

  9. Unbeknown

    Unbeknown Senior Moderator

    Sadly, such a glorious and active community of muslims is also the most heavily influenced by wahabism. I can count my sunni kin on my fingers (one hand suffices!).

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