Kufr-e-Sareeh Muta'ayyan & Takfeer

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  1. Juwayni

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    Mufti Zahid Sahib's response:

    1. If the matter reaches the clarity of kufr sareeh muta'ayyan to any Muslim, he must do takfeer otherwise doubt will make him a kaafir.

    2. If it has not become clear to a person then he may remain quiet.

    3. Once something is determined as kufr, it is part of Iman to immediately believe it to be kufr.
  2. sunnistudent

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    A general rule of takfir, mentioned by brother Noori


  3. Noori

    Noori Senior Moderator

    i hope you get answer to your point # 2.
  4. Juwayni

    Juwayni Veteran

    Actually, that's in accordance with an answer I've received from Mufti Zahid Sahib and am waiting permission to upload. Perfect match.​
  5. Bazdawi

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    Something i was reading today and thought it may help.
    It was a question asked to Mufti Azam Hind regarding: a man called iftikhar al-haq who had uttered blasphemous statements but said "only Shāh Alī Husayn has called me a kafir who isnt a Şāhib e Fatwā. Mufti Azam Hind replies to this statement in the following words -

    'Will that thing, whose being kufr is spontaneously known and clear as the sun, only be called kufr when a Şāhib e Fatwā labels it kufr? So what if Shāh Alī Husayn isnt a Şāhib e Fatwā? He is a Muslim, he knows the difference between Kufr and Īymān. That thing, which is clear-cut Kufr, which cannot be called faith from any aspect, will be labelled as Kufr by every Muslim. The scholar and the non-scholar are equal in this respect. [...] The Muftī mostly only gives a verdict after being questioned. So then - if a question is not asked regarding the kufr of the one who utters the filthiest of kufr statements, and the Muftī is unaware of his utterances of Kufr and thereby, doesn't give a Fatwā of Kufr, will this stop the kufr from being Kufr? Kufr is Kufr even if there doesnt exist a fatwā pertaining to it in the entire world. There are many kufrīyāt which even the most ignorant person is aware of; it is not even worth enquiring about [whether such a thing is kufr or not]. So now, will all these extreme types of Kufr stop being Kufr because a Muftī hasn't deemed it to be Kufr? Wa lā-Hawla wa lā-Quwwata illā billāhi al-'Alīy al-'Azīm."
    The answer isnt a perfect match for your questions but i guess it would differ. I mean - if someone says "i don't believe in Allāh, or Islām...." and other such kufrīyāt then no Muslim will call him a Muslim.
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  6. Juwayni

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    As Salamu Alaykum

    After reading this thread, I had some questions. Brother maraqialFalah notes that:

    "Kufr-e-Sareeh Muta'ayyan: This is when the kufr is apparent and there is no room for interpretation. All the scholars; the Fuqaha and the Mutakallimeen unanimously unite that the qaa'il is a kaafir and he who doubts his kufr is also a kaafir."

    In the case of someone outright saying something that is classed as Kufr-e-Sareeh Muta'ayyan:
    1. Would a laymen who hears it be required to declare the qaa'il a kaafir (do takfeer of him), and if he does not would he be someone who doubts the qaa'il's kufr (and therefore be deemed a kaafir himself)?
    2. Additionally, would a laymen who is unsure about whether the statement is Kufr-e-Sareeh Muta'ayyan or Kufr-e-Sareeh Mutabayyan be classed as one who doubts the kufr of the qaa'il (and therefore be deemed a kaafir himself)?
    3. Is there a process before doing takfeer of a qaa'il of Kufr-e-Sareeh Muta'ayyan statements?
    Jazak Allah Khair

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