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  1. abu Hasan

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    Brother Sayyid Abu Ali is a murid of Tajush Shariah raHimahullah; he is the architect and implementer of the online version. (he was reluctant to lend his name and wishes to remain anonymous, but upon my insistence he agreed to be mentioned by kunyah).

    i will release the excel sheet shortly in sha'Allah - the data can be used by others to implement their own versions of the HPT. right now adding links to pdf.
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    imho the groundbreaking foundation is the new way to look at hadith genres: every new book (not already included) can now be queried as to - what's the best place for it in the table - meaning - what are it's primary attributes made of . And when someone picks up a Hadith book - or some contemporary writes a new one - a few basic questions are already available for appraisal.

    Moreover, with an example already available, people can come up with their own categorizations - and indeed - new things to categorize. Just as the 'arba'een - which is a standard genre - has a wide range of "implementations" - depending on what different scholars thought best for their respective times and ages.

    The other thing is the lively visual - so beginner hadith students can be delighted on the first day in class. With the web-version - all you need is a browser and a projector - and a colorful panorama bursts on the students' eyeballs - suddenly hadith study appears more inviting than daunting.

    If some of our opponents are also inspired (cough cough) by the example - no worries: the forerunners remain the torchbearers and accumulate the reward from all those who emulate their example.

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    Mouse hover does not work when you click on an element.
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    [​IMG] Introducing a new way to traverse the tapestry and evolution of Hadith Scholarship and literature: The Interactive Hadith Periodic Table!

    Building on the groundbreaking foundation laid by the research of Mawlana Abu Hasan with the Hadith Periodic Table, we are thrilled to unveil our latest innovation: an interactive webpage that brings the rich tapestry of Hadith literature to life. Dive deep into the wealth of knowledge with just a click, as each hadith-book element on the table reveals detailed insights, it is a labor of love and years of research and is a work in progress - the Shaykh, insha Allah, intends to use this page to add author biographies, available pdf versions and details with unique nuances that lie in this treasure trove of the world of Hadith for centuries - May Allah azza wa jall abundanty reward the Shaykh and the brother who helped code this to bring it to life.

    Discover the essence of over 165 pivotal Hadith books, an unprecedented classification that stands testament to the vastness and richness of Islamic scholarship. Our platform is designed to not just inform, but to immerse and engage. Whether you are a student, scholar, or a curious soul, the interactive webpage offers a profound experience of understanding and connecting with these age-old texts.

    And that's not all. We are diligently working to enrich the platform with links to original Arabic PDFs, translations, and more, ensuring that the treasure trove of Hadith is accessible to everyone, everywhere. Keep an eye out for these additions in sha Allah!

    Venture into the new frontier of Hadith scholarship and exploration. Discover, learn, and be amazed at https://hpt.ridawipress.org/. Dive into the past, to illuminate the present.

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