Let us put our hands into fire

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    Great persons used to become miserable when one of their disciples was a little cross with another disciple. The event that used to sadden them the most was this because in such a situation one party is right. Since both parties are Muslims, why should one of them burn because of resentment? Let us put our hands into fire, so that we see then what fire, fights, unlawful things, and backbiting are, because unlawful things are fire. How can a Muslim go to the Fire? This means to say that he forgets and does not see the Fire; thus, he is going to it. For this reason, those who look at something with the worldly eyes are deceived. Those who had a look with these eyes did not even believe in our Master the Prophet. They saw him, but they supposed him to be an ordinary human like themselves as they looked at him with these eyes. Those who saw him with their hearts' eyes were saved, while those who saw him with the eyes on their heads were burned.

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