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Discussion in 'Hadith' started by AbdalQadir, Aug 20, 2012.

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    Salam Alaikum

    Anyone know the strength of the wahabi claims on that page?

    Is it an "albanian" thing that this incident is described as da3eef or is it really so according to senior muhadditheen?

    In any case, we can take fazail from weak isnad narrations, so I'm only asking about the strength of the sanad if it is as the wahabis say or not.

    I ask because if it is something sinister to try and disprove karamat of Sayyidina Umar, radi Allahu 3anhu, then they should be taken up on the strengths of their modern day narrators who bizarrely mention dreams about people seeing albani or the Prophet, 3alaihis salam, appraising him, and describe it as a karamah of sorts!

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