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  1. Khanah

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    I know non muslims who have tried it to seemingly great success. Home schooled children usually have much better behaviour, better educational outcomes, less likely to commit crimes and the like.

    Read homeschooling for excellence, dumbing us down and there are probably a few other good books out there
  2. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Muslims challenged on LGBT could say:

    If they have the freedom to believe and do as they wish, why don't I?

    Why are you curtailing my freedoms? I am not forcing my view on them so why are they upon me?

    I'm not coercing them to accept that LGBT is wrong so why are they enforcing it upon me to accept that it's right?
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  3. Surati

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    Thought about homeschooling at some point. I’m sure it bring a lot of benefits.

    Just not sure if the boundaries of parent/teacher would be blurred and how to preserve the parent relationship when you are also the teacher. Other factors to consider would be the dedication and getting into a strict routine.

    Anyone tried it here?
  4. Shadman

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    I think putting them into a Catholic school would be a better option. Deobandi/Wahabi poison is just as bad. It's easier to identify and rectify Christian theology.
  5. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    You can tell him to tell the teacher, "It's a free country. Just as those fairies (he can use another 'respectful' word) are free to believe in and do what they wish, I too am free to believe in and do as I wish. In my religion homosexuality is forbidden and I detest such acts."

    If the teacher tries to teach him Islam and says that there are Muslim imams and preachers who believe otherwise, tell the child to tell him/her directly, "Don't tell me what my religion says. You don't know it. I do. As for those "Muslims" (do the quotation mark thing with the hands) who believe it to be permissible, that's their prerogative and their religion that they wish to call Islam. It has no bearing on my religion."

    No need to be respectful or kowtow to their agendas.

    Here's my genuine question to you and other members:

    If you can't homeschool or can't fight the tide of fawahish in such schools, is it a better option to put them in a wahabi or deobandi oriented Islamic school? I'd assume england would have a few. I'm not too sure if we Sunnis (desi or otherwise) have Islamic schools in the west, other than the Turks.

    Note that our times and circumstances are different than the ones faced by our parents. Not only is there no harm, but rather it's a necessity for parents to have sex talk (including what homosexuality is) with their kids and tell them what Islam does and doesn't condone. If you don't have this talk, the school teachers will, just as you highlighted.

    You need to curb this evil pre-emptively. If the school board teaches kids gender theory and sex ed in year 5, you better make sure he or she knows whatever those things are and the Islamic position on all that, in year 4.

    Generally, mothers would teach girls Surah Yusuf or Surah Noor when they came of age, the boys learning lowering of gaze and so on from their Quran teachers and so on.

    Now all that needs to be done much before puberty. Plus you gotta teach about qawmu Lut and what homosexuality is and the ahadith prohibiting men behaving like women and so on - to kids upwards of 7 yrs of age.

    And promote early marriage in teen years, without the cultural baggage of exorbitant mahrs, and dowries and unnecessary rituals, and just following of Sunnah.
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  6. Surati

    Surati Well-Known Member

    My kid tells me that his class teacher happily promotes LGBTQ+. Once, he was even openly challenged by said teacher for saying something about it.

    How does one tackle this rampant in-your-face issue when it comes to adhering to one's beliefs and values especially in relation to kids? LGBTQ+ are free to do what they want, but how does one respectfully disagree without sounding like it's "discrimination" or "not being tolerant and inclusive"?

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