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  1. in farsi babar is tiger. sher is lion. another word for tiger in farsi in palang. [no not bed!] babar-sher is i think an urdu compound meaning a male lion with a big mane. it seems babar-shir is technically incorrect. of course we also use asad in urdu for lion too. and the hindi chitra is also used in urdu for tiger.

    urdu is a rich language having vocab from arabic, farsi, hindi, punjabi and turkish [arsalan is also lion i think!]
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    alaHazrat says:

    kya dabe jis pe himayat ka ho panjaa teraa
    sher ko khatrey meiN laata nahiN kutta teraa

    what are the official/real words for lion and tiger in urdu?

    is it babar sher for lion and sher for tiger? i always thought it was a lion that the dog scared/ate but when aH said it was a tiger; i remembered that sher is for tiger and babar sher is for lion. but we always use sher for lion too!

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