lives of prophets

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    from fatwa riDwiyyah :

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  3. subhan Allah. Ala Hazrat is amazing. Notice I said is and not was! ;-)

    I am working on translations of some of the less abtruse quatrains in the Hadaiq; watch this space!
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    anbiya ko bhi ajal aani hai
    magar itni ki faqat aani hai
    phir us ik aan ke ba'ad unki hayaat
    misley saabiq wahi jismaani hai

    prophets shall also taste death,
    but only for a moment, for a while;
    and after that little while, their lives
    is similar to that past, and corporeal

    aani in the first line is used as 'to come' or 'befall'.
    aani in the second is used as 'for a moment'.
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