Lutf Un Ka Aam Ho Hi Jaayega - English Translation

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    By Imam Ahmed Raza Khan alQadri (may Allah shower mercy upon him)

    English Translation by Aqib Farid alQadri

    Lutf Unka Aam Ho Hi Jayega
    Shaad Har Nakaam Ho Hi Jayega

    His benevolence will become widespread indeed!
    Every failure will become delighted indeed!

    Jaan De Do Wa’ada e Deedar Par
    Naqd Apna Daam Ho Hi Jayega

    Sacrifice your life on the promise of the blessed vision,
    You will be compensated immediately indeed.

    Shaad Hai Firdous Yani Ek Din
    Qismat e Khuddam Ho Hi Jayega

    Paradise is rejoicing that finally one day,
    It will become the destiny of his servants indeed.

    Yaad Reh Jayengi Yeh Be-BaakiyaN
    Nafs Tu To Raam Ho Hi Jayega

    These trespasses shall become just memories,
    O naughty soul! You will be vanquished indeed.

    Be Nishano Ka NishaaN Mit-ta NahiN
    Mit-te Mit-te Naam Ho Hi Jayega

    Signs of the people unknown do not fade away!
    Efface yourself, one day you will be famous indeed!

    Yaad e Gesoo Zikr e Haq Hai Aah Kar
    Dil Me Paida Laam Ho Hi Jayega

    Remembering his tresses is the remembrance of Allah, say “A–ah”!
    Two “L”s will also rise up in the heart indeed!

    Sailo Daaman Sakhee Ka Thaam Lo
    Kuch Na Kuch In’aam Ho Hi Jayega

    O the needy! Grasp the cloak of the generous one!
    Something will be bestowed upon you indeed!

    Yaad e Aabru Karke Tadpe Bulbulo
    Tukde Tukde Daam Ho Hi Jayega

    Recall his eyebrows and struggle, O nightingales!
    The hunter’s net will break into pieces indeed!

    Mufliso Un Ki Gali Me Jaa Pado
    Baagh e Khuld Ikraam Ho Hi Jayega

    O the destitute, go and remain in his street!
    You will be awarded everlasting gardens indeed!

    Ay Raza Har Kaam Ka Ik Waqt Hai
    Dil Ko Bhi Aaram Ho Hi Jayega

    O Raza! All matters have a time destined!
    The heart will also find solace indeed!

    Billions of blessings and salutations of peace be upon the Holy Prophet; and upon his noble wives, his noble progeny, his noble companions and all those who rightly follow him until the Last Day.


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