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    I know that we can't expect everyone to know everything about a person geographically separated by almost 3000 miles and chronologically by almost a century. However, people doing research, and given the free and easy access to books, people and information, can be expected to get a more precise picture than something that borders on an inaccurate and dis-interested description which is the hallmark of academic works.

    This description is poor and does not do justice to the erudition, genius and piety of the Imam. Imagine someone writing this about his contemporaries such as Imam Nabhani or Imam Zayni Dahlaan.

    Of-course, if this is due to some details or meaning being lost in the translation, the original authors cannot be faulted.
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    there is an obvious anachronism in the review (the english part).

    alahazrat and other ulama before him are the pioneers in this field, and iqbal is among those who came after, even if you don't consider him a follower.
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