Malik ibn Dinar radiallahu anhu

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    <center>Malik ibn Dinar:ra:

    Taken from the translation of tadhkiratul awlia by A.J Arberry

    Malik ibn Dinar al-Sami :ra: was the son of a Persian

    slave from Sejestan (or Kabol) and became a disciple

    of Hasan of Basra. He is mentioned as a reliable

    traditionist, transmitting from such early

    authorities as Anas ibn Malik and Ibn Sirin. A

    noted early calligrapher of the Koran, he died c.

    130 (748).

    How Malik-e Dinar came to be so named, and

    the story of his repentance

    When Malik was born his father was a slave; yet

    though he was a slave’s son, he was free from bondage

    to both worlds.

    Some say that Malik-e Dinar once embarked in a

    ship. When the ship was far out to sea the mariners


    “Produce your fare!” “I do not have it,” he


    They beat him till he was senseless. When he recovered,

    they shouted again.

    “Produce your fare!”

    “I do not have it,” he repeated.

    They beat him unconscious a second time. When he

    came to, they demanded a third time.

    “Produce your fare!”

    “I do not have it.”

    “Let us seize him by the feet and throw him overboard,”

    the sailors shouted.

    All the fish in the water at that moment put up their

    heads. Each one held two golden dinars in its mouth.

    Malek reached down his hand and, taking two dinars

    from one of the fish, gave it to them. Seeing this, the

    crew fell at his feet. He walked on the face of the

    waters and vanished.

    That is why he was called Malek-e Dinar.

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