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Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Syed Ahmed Uwaisi, Oct 25, 2014.

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    In the first clip in the first few minutes he mentions it is important to defend the hounour of the Prophet (sallAllahu a'layhi wasallam), but Hamza would have to reflect on why he would have taught books like Dante's 'Inferno' and recommend it to Muslims?
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    good. so hanson doesn't like revolutions and says that the ulema have always discouraged it.

    shaykh yaquobi should listen to him, after all his father asked him in a dream to give all ijazahs he had to hanson. and according to him hanson is al-faqih al-'azam and a mujaddid for the west.

    so he should stop asking the west to arm revolutionaries in syria as that will cause more bloodshed.

    wish he had consulted hanson before calling for 'jihad' as he himself has admitted that he was the first person to ask syrians to take up arms against assad.
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