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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by abu Hasan, Jan 21, 2016.

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  1. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

  2. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    i have updated rules and terms - please read them before you register.

    PLEASE DO NOT register or post if you think you may want this to be erased from the forum. of course, posts will be buried in the sands of time, but we moderators do not have any responsibility to delete your profile.

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  3. masabih

    masabih Staff Member

    One of the aims of these forums is to have a pleasant corner on the Internet where we talk about Islam.

    It was hence decided by consultation amongst the administators and some of the members that we should add a few more rules to the forum to help maintain a healthy atmosphere and help increase the barakah of the place. These rules will be in effect right away.

    <center>Addendum to Rules :</center>

    i) Abusing and Name-calling is not permitted; period. Any posts with such contents should be reported to the Admin Team by means of a PM (user : admin ) - A warning will be issued and then the poster will be banned if he/she fails to comply with the rules.

    ii) Regarding polemics in general - it is an advice that members abstain from it, if at all a member deems it necessary and unavoidable then he/she should post the topic in "The Thicket" which is the section meant for controversial stuff. [obsolete]

    iii) Also as a forum policy we will NOT allow cursing, and abusing scholars of the Deobandi school - It is a forum policy that we simply abstain from them, and hence do not allow open praise of them either. [edit-jan2016: this rule is discarded as we started out with an intention to keep polemics out, but eventually we were forced into it - anyway, it was inevitable.]

    People interested in the above can find plenty of places of their liking elsewhere on the internet to indulge themselves.

    iv)Links to resources will be allowed as long as the source does not have anything opposing the established beliefs of ahlus sunnah.

    v)Any post that violates the forum rules will be simply deleted without further explanations.

    Admin Team
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  4. masabih

    masabih Staff Member

    Bismillâh ar-RaHmân ar-RaHîm
    as-Salâtu was-salâmu `alâ sayyidi’l anbiyâ’yi wa’l mursalîn; wa `alâ âlihî wa SaHbihî wa Hizbihî ajma`în wa man ittaba`ahum bi iHsân ilâ yawmi’d dîn.


    1) Description:
    Masabih is an Ahlu's Sunnah discussion forum.

    2) Registration:
    Anyone can view the posts but you need to register on this forum with a valid email address to post. A confirmation message will be sent to the email you specify and you can begin posting afterwards.

    3) Simple rules at Masabih:

    a) Anybody can register and post here. But remember, this is an Islamic and a Sunni forum; any attempts to promote ideas alien to Islam or Sunni thought will be severely censured. Such posts which are explicit will be deleted without notice.

    b) Since this is an Islamic forum, all posts must strictly observe Islamic etiquette. Anything contrary will not be tolerated and it may result in the poster being banned.

    c) Gentle manners and cultured language is necessary. Posts that contain crude language will be edited or deleted; posters who repeatedly ignore warnings will be banned.

    d) Exercise utmost caution while posting or uploading your avtaars. No lewd/obscene avatars will be tolerated. You cannot have pictures of human beings, cartoons, caricatures etc for your avtaars.

    e) General netiquette is also expected from posters. Please do not type entire messages in CAPITALS.

    f) This is a public forum - No personal diatribes will be entertained here.

    Moderators, being ordinary humans are far from being perfect. If a moderator violates the rules, a vote can be taken by the members to edit or delete the moderators post(s). Constructive criticism is welcome. Remember moderators are just facilitators for Islamic discussions - not masters of the discipline. If you think that a certain post is against the rules, please inform the moderators who will look into the matter.

    4) Disallowed Topics:
    a)Posts/Posters showing proselytizing tactics against muslims will be banned.

    b) Difference of opinion from the sound Sunni sources will be tolerated if backed with proofs. Everything else will be treated as proselytizing as mentioned in 4a) above.

    c) Advocating devious sects such as the Qadianism , RafiDism, Khawaarijsm , Salafism, Wahabism is not allowed. If you belong to one of these groups you are allowed to post until you violate this rule.

    d) No post promoting killing of innocents regardless of race/faith/religion will be tolerated

    e) Nothing violating modesty will be tolerated.

    5)Admin Rights:
    a)The Admin/Moderators reserve absolute right regarding banning users.

    b)The Admin/Moderators also reserve the right to change the forum rules anytime without notice.

    Enjoy your stay!
    Admin Team, Masabih
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