Mawlana Ilyas Qadiri Ameer e Ahl e Sunnat being called names

Discussion in 'Bickering' started by Aqdas, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    by the way, this is not mawlana qamar uz zaman a'zami of manchester.
  2. ghulam-e-raza

    ghulam-e-raza Well-Known Member

    It's sad how even when Huzoor Taajush Shariah condemns people calling Moulana Ilyas Attar Qadri as "padri" people still blame Azhari Miya!
  3. hayaa

    hayaa Guest

    So if tomorrow some does gustakhi of another title of Islam we have Hz Taaj Ush Shariat to thank. How does that make him a padri, Christian priest a kafir. This is just childish behaviour and it is causing destruction of Sunnism.

    Are these issues more important or thousands of Muslims dying more important?
  4. ottomanhanafi

    ottomanhanafi Active Member

    Ameer e ahle sunnat is without doubt amongst the saints this era and to call him padri is ludicrous. The reason Tahir ul Qadri is given this tag is because of him partaking in xmas celebrations, which the fuqaha condemn. Alhamdulillah Maulana Ilyas won't compromise the sharia on such matters. Out of interest AF would you class Maulana Ilyas "nasibi" as he maintains sukoot on Yazeed.
  5. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    ignorance they name is .... ! keep diverting the attention onto a shaykh who is clear of this accusation will you? yes, go to YN bring their nonsense into this forum why don't you? i only have an hour to involve myself in your issues then i will hold onto my agreement for ramadan. now go on ... what else!?

    are you serious or just ignorant!?
  6. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    I agree with nj on this one, it's all down to jealousy and nothing else. Pir politics is a disease that is affecting Sunnis.

    From what I have observed there are two things that is the cause of much of the ikhtilaaf today between Sunnis, it is either jealousy or it's money. Moulvis and Pirs on payrolls is also very dangerous as they cuss and praise depending on who they are being paid by.

    this discussion is not about tafzilis so I don't know where you got that from. As I said before there is no one in the UK who holds Moula Ali as afzal anyway. More on the fasiq thing if I get time.
  7. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    again, reading into things that are not there. a believer is a mirror unto himself? yes! waswasah! what was that again!?

    YES! HE IS A SUNNI BAREILLWI SHAYKH AND ALIM. may Allah protect him.

    now my question to you is that do you accept his view and his organisation's view and the correctness of the view that the TAFDILIS ARE MISGUIDED AND NON-SUNNI as is whoever regards Mawla Ali to be higher than Sayyiduna Abu Bakr - may Allah be pleased with them? here
  8. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    chishti-raza you said "the 'mufti' is clearly wrong in referring to shaykh Ilyas Qadiri in this manner" what do you mean by "in this manner" - are you just against the padri part only?

    Just give a straight answer, and don't reply with another question. Do you consider Ameer e Ahl e Sunnat Mawlana Ilyas Attari a Sunni or a gumra?

    hayaa you are right, Taj Ul Shariat Mawlana Akhtar Raza was asked if it's okay to call Tahir-ul-Qadiri "Tahir-ul-Padri" and he answered by saying of course it is. This is in the public q&a session. Once they have the fatwa of the mufti then people like sunnitalk then start to call him Tahir ul Padri. The followers and mureeds then follow.

    I notice that people around Taj Ul Shariat keep asking him questions about Dawat Islami, Sunni Dawat ISlami and Prof. Tahir ul Qadri. Are there not more important issues?
  9. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    do you not read people's posts but rather infer from them what your tainted logic desires you to?

    true, but what is even sadder is that when the blessed companions [radiAllahu anhuma] are being disparaged, their actions being questioned and some of them being classed as fasiq, some of them being accused of being the start of the downfall of this ummah; then people and certain 'mawlanas' who instigated this type of thinking sit back silently relishing these ideologies that have sweeped in the the minds of a number of sunnis!
  10. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    i wandering when you were going to join this thread with your ignorance and bring the noble shaykh [akhtar raza] into this!?
  11. I think the simplest reason using Occam's Razor is "pir politics". Alhamdulillah, Hazrat Ameer e Ahle Sunnat is a true saint of Allah and is therefore above such pettiness. May Allah continue to raise his rank and station even higher and protect him from the evildoers and the mischieve-makers.
  12. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    ......I'll come back to this point
  13. Abu Fadl

    Abu Fadl Banned

    What I don't understand is how they can call Mawlana Ilyaas al-Attari al-Qadiri a padri? How do they justify calling him a Christian priest? Is that not saying he is non-Muslim, what do Muftis say about that?!

    I am surprised at Mawlana Akhtar Raza al-Azhari's response in AH's post, he says Ilyas Qadiri has not done any thing for him to be called padri "yet" and denies he has given fatwa of kufr on dawat e Islami or Sunni dawat-e-Islami. But remains on the two organisations being fasiq and gumra?

    chishti, what are you talking about? No one is plotting against bareliy - or bareily affiliated mawlanas, this is sad news and hope you don't for one moment think Mawlana Ilyas al-Attari is gumra.
  14. Whether one agrees with all of Prof. Sahib's POV or not one has to admit that he always shows impeccable manners and never resorts to this sort of cheap name-calling and poking fun of people which some other maulvis and so-called pirs resort to.
  15. Yes, you´re right certain people who now love and promote him as Shaykh ul Islam used to call Prof. Tahir ul Qadri, Tahir ul Padri and Tahira Begum etc.; I´m not surprised that Akhtar Raza Khan Sahib's followers are doing the same now for Hazrat Ameer e Ahle Sunnat.

    It never fails to surprise me how the followers attribute great ranks of scholarship and sainthood to these people yet we find them lacking in basic etiquette. After all, how many of the scholars of the past resorted to childish
    name-calling of the kind you find in the school playground even when they refuted them? For example, Imam Ghazali wrote fierce polemical works against the Ismailis but didn't feel necessary to name call!
  16. hayaa

    hayaa Guest

    The first time I heard taking the mick out of Qadri by calling it padri was believe it or not by Hz Taaj Ul Shariat himself!

    So if peer does this kind of gustakhi the mureed will do the same.
  17. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    you are falling into abu fadl's plot.
  18. Ghulam

    Ghulam Veteran

    Agreed . May Allah azzawajal protect Amir e Ahlesunnat Shaykh Ilyas Attari Qadri. Ameen
  19. I usually don't agree with Abu Fadl much but I have to say that these people from Bareilly -- or affiliated to Bareilly -- are making Sunnis to be a bit of a laughing stock with some of their comments (see video above) and fatwas. If Mawlana Ilyas Qadri is gumraah (nauzubillah) then is there any Sunni left on Earth other than the Bareilly lot? IHow far we Barelvis have fallen from Ala Hazrat's example! People are now using his name only. (Isn't the use of TV a difference of opinion on an issue of fiqh? Then how can it make someone gumraah? That is only when someone differs from Sunni aqeedah )
  20. chisti-raza

    chisti-raza Veteran

    seems more like ignorance in the science of fiqh.
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