[May 7, 2016] Alahadrat (Alayhi Rahma conference) (Bradford)

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Alahadrat (Alayhi Rahma conference)
Start Date: May 7, 2016 02:00 PM
End Date: May 7, 2016 07:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST

Al Mustafa Centre
249 Kensington Street
Bradford BD8 9LN

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    Bismillah the 30/05/2015

    Bismillah please invite, share and attend!!!
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    The Islamic Theology Trust and the UoB-Islamic TheologySociety in association with Al-Mustafa Centre present their second and the largest annual Ala Hazrat conference. We will be holding a gathering to commemorate and learn about one of the greatest spiritual masters and renowned geniuses of the Asian subcontinent: Ala Hazrat Azeem ul Barakat Imam e Ahle Sunnat Mujaddid e Deen o Millat Parwane Sham e Risalat Ash Shah Imam Ahmad Raza Khan Fazil e Bareilly RadhiAllahu anhu

    Speakers include:
    Mufti Shams ul Huda
    Mufti Zahid Hussain Qadri
    Maulana Naveed Sialvi
    Maulana Arshad Misbahi
    Maulana Shakeel Qadri
    Mufti Ansar ul Qadri
    Mufti Wajid Iqbal
    Maulana Muhammad Qasim Qadri Ridwi
    Maulana Kalim Qadri
    Maulana Nabeel Afzal Qadri
    Mualana Omar Khan Moeeni

    (Separate seating for sisters)

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