Mazar of Sahabi Zuhayr bin Qais demolished in Libya by Salafis

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    This is the noble body of the noble companion Zuhayr Ibn Qays(radi Allahu ta'ala anhu) whose Mazaar/Tomb/Mausoleum/Karamat/Raudah was destroyed by the notorius salafis.

    Notice how Allah protected it and kept it unaffected for 1400 years! Ya Latif!
    On Monday the "Salafis" i.e. Wahhabis destroyed his(radi Allahu ta'ala anhu) noble grave and the grave of all the other companions who were with him(radi Allahu ta'ala anhu) in the Masjid as-Sahaba in Libya, see pictures at:

    Read article at: Salafists Blamed for Explosion at Zuhayr Ibn Qais Al-Balawi Tomb:

    Could someone please translate at least the first 3 verses of this Naat (if not the whole Naat) for me please JazakAllah

    Zameen meli nahi hoti zaman mela nahi hota
    Zameen meli nahi hoti zaman mela nahi hota

    Muhammad ke ghulamon ka kafan mela nahi hota

    Muhammad kamli wale se woh jazba hai suno logo
    Yeh jis mann mein sama jaaye woh mann mela nahi hota

    Muhammad ke ghulamon ka kafan mela nahi hota

    Gulon ko choom laite hain saharnam shabnami qatre
    Nabi ki naat sun le to chaman mela nahi hota

    Muhammad ke ghulamon ka kafan mela nahi hota

    Jo naam-e-Mustafa choome nahi dukhti kabhi ankhen
    Pehen le pyaar jo unka badan mela nahi hota

    Muhammad ke ghulamon ka kafan mela nahi hota

    Nabi ka daman-e-rehmat pakar lo e jahan walo
    Rahe jab tak yeh haathon mein chalan mela nahi hota

    Muhammad ke ghulamon ka kafan mela nahi hota

    Mein nazan tu nahi nasir magar apna yeh dawa hai
    Sana-e-Mustafa karne se fan mela nahi hota

    Muhammad ke ghulamon ka kafan mela nahi hota

    Timbuktu Arabs protect ancient tombs:

    Building Shrines/Tombs around the Graves of Prophets (alaih salam) ,Salafs (RA) and Awliya al-Ikraam (rah):

    The Dark History of AL-WAHHABIYYAH:

    The Salaf-us-Salihin is a time period in history which refers to the first three generations: the Sahabah R.A., Tabi'in (the generation that learnt from the Sahabah) and Tabi'it Tabi'in (the generation that learnt from the Tabi'in). Its only since around the last 80 years or so that Wahabis have been calling themselves "Salafi". Wahabism is an 18th century rebellious movement started by Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi based on decontextualising verses of the Holy Quran which lead them to declare all Muslims except themselves to be Mushrikin (grave-worshippers). The Wahabis rebelled against the Islamic Ottoman Empire at the behest of the British colonialists and attacked Makkah and Madinah at a time when the Ottoman Islamic army was fighting the Crusaders in Europe. For a brief history of the Wahabi movement please read Fitnatul Wahhabiyah by Shaykhul Islam Mawlana Ahmad Zayni Dahlan al-Makki ash-Shafi'i (Chief Mufti of Makkah al-Mukarramah prior to British colonisation of Islamic Ottoman Empire who passed away in 1304AH/1886CE) R.A.:
    Part 1: Background on the Tribulations of the Wahhabis:

    Part 2: History of the Muslims Fighting with the Wahhabiyah as they Emerged:

    With the dismantlement of the Islamic Ottoman Empire in the early 1900s the British rewarded the Wahabis by giving them control of Hijaz (province that contains Makkah and Madinah). Thus Saudi Arabia was founded. Saudi Arabia's main export is Wahabism (today called "Salafi"-ism). Its second main export is oil. "Salafi"-ism is often referred to as petro-dolllar Islam.

    The great Hanafi Jurist Imam Sayed Ibn 'Abidin mentions in Fatawa Shami that the Wahabis claimed to be Hambali but they only regarded themselves as Muslims i.e. the Wahabis are not Hambali. Even today some "Salafi"s claim to be Hambali but they are not. They do not believe in Taqleed I.e. following one of the four Madhabs.

    Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah (Sunnhi for short) refers to following the Sunnah and the Jama'ah of Sahabah R.A. and is the name that is derived from Hadeeth which has been used for over 1400 years. Please see the Hadith at:

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