Milaad ka Fiqhi Jawaaz

Discussion in 'Sunniport Multimedia' started by abu nibras, Mar 29, 2007.

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    took me some time to get the astonishingly traditional and simple urdu translated, but it was amaizing!

    jazakAllah khayr Sidi Abu Nibras!!

    hungry for more

  3. abu nibras

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    Milaad ka Fiqhi Jawaaz
    A Lecture in Urdu on the legal validity of Mawlid of the prophet `alaihi afDalus salatu was salam by
    Zain-ul-Fuqaha Allama Mufti Khaleel Ahmed damat barkatuhum aaliya
    Sheikh-ul-Jamia; Jamia Nizamia - Hyderabad -India.

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    Click here Inshaallah

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