Mr.Abdullah Saleem Deobandi of Chicago - Molesting/Sexual Assault Charges

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    What happens with Mufti Naval?
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    "civil" laws - almost there ...
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    Latest news is that this veteran deobandi has returned back and attended first court session

    Now, several women are coming out saying the same thing and these women they want to press charges against him as well.

    Deobandism in works...
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    Abdul Malik Mujahid says :

    If the individual accused, the IIE Imam, was reported to the police almost 10 years ago when he was first accused of sexual haramby a girl, the current victim and probably others could have been saved. Two Imams who heard the first complaint asked the accused Imam to refrain from leading prayers for two years. This voluntary suspension did not help:
    ------This quite punishment did not deter him.
    ------It did not warn other potential victims.
    ------His unique Islamic cover was not exposed.
    ------He remained THE most important Islamic authority for South Asians in Chicago.
    I even did not know this until years later when one of the Imams warned me about him. I consulted an attorney but in the absence of a criminal report, one can expose himself to libel.

    The father of the victim should have reported the crime to the police instead of other Imams for mediation.
    In the current sexual assault issue, once again, it seems that, the failed mediation bought him time to flee to India. A police report might have prevented that.
    There are other reports conveyed in whisper about the abuse of a few other "imams" in Chicago. What is common among all these cases is the following:

    ------avoiding a criminal police report
    ------suppressing the information, and
    ------selective and abusive use of Islamic teachings to achieve the first two

    All those accused criminals are at large moving from community to community
    The American justice system, despite its problems, is the only recourse we have as citizens. It can protect the community better from criminals. And yes, sexual abuse, harassment, and assault are all crimes not just under Islam, but under the laws of the land we have chosen to live in. If our car is stolen, we report it to the police. If someone attacks us, we call the police. At least five Chicago Masjids have battled it out in the courts over leadership disputes. Why then would we rather mediate a sex crime instead of encouraging victims to report it to the police?

    Here are the benefits of using our legal system:
    ------All ulema will be free of suspicion since the bad one will be reported to police
    ------Parents will become vigilant about the bad behavior of people in authority
    ------Victim's identity will be protected by law
    ------Criminals will know that zero tolerance is in effect
    ------News will deter possibility of future crimes
    Please encourage the community to use the existing system until we have something better.
    Alhamdu Lillah, Imams, ulema and masjids by and large continue to serve the ummah in an excellent way, working beyond the call of duty. May Allah bless them, increase their reward and protect them from the bad name given to them by the action of some.
    About six months ago when in a khutba I warned the community about the bad behavior of some imams, a Muslim asked me not to give out generalized statement about imams since now he is suspicious if his imam is among those mentioned in my Khutba. In hindsight I wish all Imams warn Muslims to be at guard about abuse.
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    Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago Statement

    by Dr. M. Kaiseruddin, Chairman

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah.

    This is to address allegations of a serious misconduct by the former President of Institute of Islamic Education that was posted on the internet earlier this week by Br. Omer Mozaffar. The allegations were of sexual misconduct by the former President against a female employee of the school.

    The purpose of this statement is to provide information to our community and to begin addressing their concerns.

    The former President of IIE has been a person of great respect for many people in the Chicago area for decades. So these allegations shook up and hurt many in the community. On the other hand some people were very concerned that the victim’s trauma might be ignored or suppressed under the circumstances. Some people demanded that CIOGC act or speak out right away in this regard, while others understood why CIOGC needs to be more deliberate.

    Realizing that there was a high level of tension and concern in the community, CIOGC took immediate steps to research the facts as much we could. Facts needed to be verified as the reliability of information on the internet is highly questionable. We also realized that we were not a law enforcement agency and hence wouldn’t be able to establish facts that could be considered legal.

    CIOGC talked with five people who had spoken directly either with the former President or the victim or both. This is the best CIOGC could do given the unavailability of former President or the victim. The conversations provided the following information:

    · Allegations of sexual misconduct were corroborated by two other individuals who were independent of Br. Mozaffar. They also reported of other earlier incidents of similar nature, the details of which were not provided.
    · The person speaking for the school chose not to address the allegations directly. The school did not issue a statement as of now.
    CIOGC is not, and did not expect to be, in a position to pass a judgment. With the facts as they are, there is a cloud of suspicion over the school. Three entities are directly impacted by this reported act of sexual misconduct: the former President, the victim and the school itself. As a community, we should demand for answers. The allegations are of very heinous acts. At the same time harassment by the community of any of these parties would not achieve anything. The harassment of the victim should particularly be avoided as clearly she is the weaker party with no institution to back her up. The harassment may, on the other hand, hinder in producing answers and corrective steps.

    Br. Mozaffar is impacted indirectly for the action he took. He has explained in his posts the reasons for his disclosures. Please review them before forming an opinion about his action.

    Sexual misconduct should not be tolerated from anyone. It is very heartening to see many young people and several from the older generation standing up for the victim. It should be realized that most victims of sexual abuse do not come forward to demand justice, but rather prefer to stay in the shadows to avoid further humiliation and stress. This works to the benefit of the perpetrators, as they get away with their acts. The community and society also suffers as effective steps are not taken to prevent such acts.

    CIOGC will be establishing a committee of knowledgeable and experienced people to look at the broader impact on the community and to see how a potential for similar situations at other places can be avoided. IIE is an independent corporation with its own Board of Directors. The community over the years has contributed substantially to build and operate the school. CIOGC has spoken with a couple of the Board members. We will be strongly urging the IIE Board to press for answers and implement real changes to prevent even a chance of similar situations arising in the future. Should the IIE Board seek assistance from CIOGC, we will be ready to provide it through the involvement of a multitude of talented people in our community.

    CIOGC expresses appreciation for the cooperation extended by so many people in getting the information in such a short time.
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    quotes from the linked article, wal 3eyadhu billahi ta3ala

    hilarious. the deos can only come up with amthaal of bishops and kanhaiyas and pandits and diwali* and anything except Islamic terms

    * there's a deo madrasa in a place called "hattoda" in UP, where .... ummm .... see for yourselves

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    not surprised.
    right in the footsteps of akabir.

    miyaN log kya kahen ge.
    log kahen ge kahne do...

    [someone fill in those who didn't get it.]
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