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Discussion in 'Bibliophile's Corner' started by Harisa, May 25, 2010.

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  2. Harisa

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  3. Ibn Arabi is banned there too...
  4. Abu al-Nasr

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    Please don't bore me by repeating the same stuff again and again.

    No one suggested that, you just did that again. Are you hearing voices? Because you seem to be suggesting things yourself and then answering them. Try calming down a bit and reading before you reply.

    It means an endorsement of only what you know of Saharanfuri. It is pretty desperate of you to suggest this as an "affiliation". Like I already said, get him to endorse his actual creed and Urdu refutations of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan, then you can call that an affiliation of some sort. (But we all know you guys will never do that, and even you know that you will never do that!).

    Shaykh Muhammad al-Ya'qubi already has basic knowledge on the divide. However, no one here called him "affiliated" with Barayli Sharif, yet you were the one who (ridiculously) suggested an affiliation with Deoband. So it is on you to pursue this now, I look forward to seeing the outcome.
  5. Wadood

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    All we care about on this forum is the protection of Sunnis

    What does Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad al-Ya'qoubi al-Hasani say about the following deobandi 'ilm

    "It is Contingently Impossible for Allah to Lie, NOT Intrinsically Impossible for Allah to Lie"
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    I think you are another clueless person. Why don't you approach him and show him the fatwa of takfir by Alahazrat on his grandshaykh Khaleel Sharanpuri and see who gets the boot ?
    He is going to be in Toronto in few days and I think he will visit UK again later in the year.

    To take ijaza via Saharanpuri means endorsement of saharanpuri. And endorsement of Deobandi ilm.

    Anyone who bashes wahhabis doesn't automatically become pure sunni. That includes tafzili mawlanas like Pir sahib or fulan sahib.
  7. Abu al-Nasr

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    I didn't mention Deoband, but thanks for your admission that an affiliation with Deoband would also suggest suspicion on the purity of someone's "sunnism". (I did not suggest that but you just did)

    As for Shaykh al-Ya'qubi and all the other pure Sunni 'Ulama not from the sub-continent, it makes no sense at all to suggest "affiliations" simply based upon praise for academic work or Ijazat. Only desperate people would do that.

    One can only really suggest an "affiliation" if these scholars are made fully aware of the Deobandi doctrines and they choose voluntarily with full knowledge to endorse those particular doctrines, like one certain revert scholar did recently on a particular issue.*

    Let's see if you can do that? Give Shaykh al-Ya'qubi a translation of any refutation Deobandi scholars wrote on Imam Ahmad Raza Khan and see if he gives you an endorsement or a boot. I will like to see that.

    * And the funny thing is even him and his followers do not want to be "affiliated" with Deoband.
  8. faqeerkhan

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    Are you sure Sh. Yaqubi doesn't have any Deobandi affiliations. I know for a fact he respects Deobandi Ulama and has ijazas going through Saharanpuri ( Khaleel Deobandi ) ; You can confirm this from him directly.
  9. Wadood

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    Also, because it is not always clearly stated, faraz is one of the senior murids of sh nuh keller. He has been his murid since the late 1990s when nuh keller started to take murids in Canada. There was a deen intensive in mid-Canada with hamza yusuf back then.

    As you can see, it s a decade old story. To reiterate

    faraz rabbani is the senior murid of nuh keller since the late 1990s.

    faraz rabbani after completing his undergraduation in Canada left for syria to study there
  10. Wadood

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    Sister Harisa, ma' is an excellent website, a very beautiful one, and I have great respect for Sidi Faqir, who is a very good brother. But there are some really strange deobandis over there, the third kind. These include Ibn 'Arabi, who has been a long fellow on our forum too. Salman is of the third kind, though Sidi NJ believes they are pretty much only two kinds.

    We have had a thread on the kinds of deobandis on our forum some time back. Sidi NJ had posts in that thread as well.

    I have met dozens of sh nuh's murids lately. All of them have no idea of whats going on about deobandis, and neither do they care, but unfortunately, I have to emphasize, they ALL believe that it is "contingently impossible for Allah to Lie". They believe this belief is correct, and do not even know that it is a kufr leaning deobandi belief.

    Also, many of them think that what the Deobandis and Barelwis fight over, is something different: something about some utterances of blasphemy, and shrug off the issue as silly and dumb like those on deenport do. On deenport they do not even know that ninowy is a tafdhili and call him a scholar of ahl al-sunnah. I blame the SubContinental Sunnis for posting stuff against deobandis all over the internet like senseless machines with no regards to any rigor. At least Shaykh Munawwar 'Atiq has written something worth reading over the internet, and brother aH has exposed to the fullest on our website with rigor. Please ask others you know to come to our website and read more on this deception.
  11. Harisa

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    Imam Tahir is also on Ma'rifah, but he has nothing to do with the deviant 'dobs' (as Shaykh Hisam would say).

    Should the Ma'rifah team be wary?
  12. Wadood

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    faraz actually spend some time in jamia karachi with taqi usmani and rafi usmani, who are his teachers, as he mentions their names day and night for advertisement

    it was under the advice of the shaykh of the keller tariqa that he visited karachi

    I have confirmed, he never was a 'pure sunni'. I was mistaken, as he kept his identity hidden. His loyalty is uncomparable for his teachers taqi usmani and rafi usmani. So, please beware.

    salman on ma' is the student of faraz.
  13. Abu al-Nasr

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    Please check your Private Messages.
  14. Harisa

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    Which one is he, bro?

    in sha Allah

  15. Abu al-Nasr

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  16. Abu al-Nasr

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    What a tragedy! He tainted his book with an Endorsement from one questioned on being a "pure Sunni". I suggest Shaykh Kiani get an Endorsement from authorities like Shaykh Sayyid Muhammad al-Ya'qubi, someone that is consensually accepted as a Sunni scholar.

    What a shame, however Shaykh Kiani has done an excellent job on the actual work. May Allah bless him abundantly.
  17. Harisa

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    As-Salamu 'Alaykum wa-Rahmatullah.

    (as far as I know, faraz rabbani is deobandi - he studied in deoband)

    The Mukhtasar al-Quduri is on its way to the printers - done by a pure 'sunni' (non-deobandi). Here is the Introduction:

    Thank you.

    Harisa Jonston
  18. Harisa

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    jezakAlla azizq

    This article:

    from circles close to Faraz Rabbani, I know that it was he who translated the Urdu to English 'relevant' stuff for Sh Nuh Keller.

    In the article, it says somewhere that Imam Ahmad Rida Khan did not understand some 'Urdu' that the Deobandi scholars wrote - as if Faraz Rabbani understands any better.

    Anyhow, why should anyone go all-out 'attempting' to defend gross errors of the learned and acedemically responsible? What is 'his' stake in all of this?

    May I also present:

    This one is interesting:

    I am concerned as I admire Sh. Nuh Keller, yet I am afraid 'Deobandi-ism' may be creeping into the Shadhili Tariqa via the back door.

    May Allah preserve us.. amin!

    btw - this is a thread about the Mukhtasar al-Quduri translated into English.
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