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    *[NEW BOOK]*
    To mark the 105th ‘Urs of A’laHazrat عليه الرحمة, *Al-Ihya Foundation and Masjid-e-Noorul Islam* present an English translation of:

    *Şafāyiĥ al-Lujayn fi Kawn at-Taşāfuĥ bi Kaffay al-Yadayn*
    _Strata of Silver: On Greeting With Both Hands_
    By Imam Ahmad Rida Khan عليه الرحمة

    A’laHazrat was asked _if it is Sunnah to shake hands using both hands or just one hand._

    A’laHazrat intended to answer it in the following Friday yet it slipped from his mind as he became busy during the week. He then saw the great jurist Imam Qāđī Khan (d.592/1196) in his dream who advised “Their reliance is upon the hadith of (Sayyiduna) Anas; but it will not avail them.”

    When A’laHazrat opened his eyes, it was Fajr time. Whilst making wudu, he recalls that the hadith the Imam indicated was the one found in Tirmidhi.

    A'laHazrat hence wrote this book, which turned out to be a masterpiece in hadith analysis and more.

    You may read/download/share the book by following this link:
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    Can one shaykh the hand of a fasiq with one. Lets say I give my Salama to an individual who lets say shaves his beard( for example) . I don't want him to be hurt (as is the case with most youth these days) if I reject his salams etc, so reply to his salam but only shaykh with one hand.
  5. If you are aware of the narration and this Sunnah and you still shake with one hand then your blameworthy. If after knowing this why would you not do it? I mentioned this to someone recently that one of the ways the shayateen can attack us is when Allah grants us knoweldge which is an Amana and Blessing and then we waste it by not putting it into action. This is especially true for those attacked by magic and possession.
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    bro madani, lamatud duha is there also and yes it should definitely be given to all sunni ulema/huffaz/qurra and even the public
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    the fatwa is not a refutation of musafaHah with one hand; on the other hand, it is a refutation of the la-madh'habi who claims that it is bid'ah to do it with both hands.

    gist: musafaHah with one hand is permitted and doing with both hands is also proved from the sunnah.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    ps: the monograph is named: şafāyiĥu’l lujayn fī kawni’t taşāfuĥ bi kaffayyi’l yadayn
    ‘plaques of silver’ in the matter of musafaĥah (handshake) done with both hands.
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    Aslamo alaikum brother

    Do you know where i can get this book 'lam'atud duha' from, and has it got chapter of about the beard.

    Would it be wise to give this book to local Sunni/Brelwi ulama who trim their beards less than one fist and also say that it is jaiz according to Hanafi Fiqh?
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    i was reading volume 22 of fatawa ridwiya which has 5 or 6 risalahs of imam ahmad rida.

    lam'atud duha (beard) is one
    az zubtaduz zakiya (prostration of respect) is another

    the one i read was about shaking hands with both hands, cant remember the name.

    great read. the ghayr muqallideen shake hands with one hand only.

    imam ahmad rida then gives examples where ahadith mention "yad" (one hand) but obvioiusly cant be taken literally. for example, a hadith may mention the singular tense but it just means that if doing an action once or with one limb, the reward is so much, imagine the reward of doing it more than once or with two limbs.

    many examples were given from the hadith.

    then the hadith of ibn masud was mentioned where Rasoolullah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam taught him the tashahhud and shook hands with both hands.

    then the fiqhi writings such as shaami etc.

    then a look at the fact that not all ahadith have been preserved. imam bukhari knew 600,000 ahadith but only 4000 are in is sahih. imam muslim knew 300,000 but only few thousand in his sahih. imam ahmad bin hanbal knew 1 million but only i think 40,000 in musnad.

    so ahadith which did not get to imam bukhari etc does not mean they didnt exist. abu hurayra has narrated 5300 hadith but he himself said another sahabi knew more because he used to write them, i didnt. but in the books of ahadith, the other sahabi only has 100 narrations or so, so where did the other 5000 go? imam ahmad ridas point was that not all ahadith got to the muhadditheen.

    if i remember more, i will add.

    but a wonderful piece of research (like all his works)
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