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    It is Wājib to avoid listening to music

    Allama shaami may allah bless him has narrated that dancing (in a wiggling manner), making fun of others, clapping, playing the sitar [a type of Indian guitar], the harp, the violin, the flute and blowing the bugle are all Makrūĥ Taḥrīmī, (i.e. almost Ḥarām) as these are the practices of the unbelievers. To listen to the sound of the flute and that of other such [musical] instruments is also Ḥarām. If one hears suddenly or unintentionally, he is excused. However, it is Wājib for him to make every possible effort to avoid listening to it. (Rad-dul-Muḥtār, vol. 9, pp. 566)

    Good piece of advice from allama shaami

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