Nafs & the Ruh - Imam Ahmad Rida

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    Nafs [temptations] & the Ruh [soul]

    A'la Hazrat (radi Allahu anhu) was asked about the difference between the Qalb (Heart) and the Ruh.

    He said: Actually these are three separate things - Nafs, Ruh and Qalb. The Ruh takes the place of the King, while the Nafs and Qalb are its two Ministers. Nafs always draws the Ruh towards evil, while the Qalb, as long as it is pure and clean, draws its towards good and excellence. But due to excessive sins (Allah forbid!) especially innovations, oppression, disobedience to Allah and other forms of wrongdoing, the heart is blackened and blinded. Due to this, it cannot see, think or understand Truth (Haq). But it can still hear Truth.

    When the heart turns or is sealed (Allah forbid!) then it can neither see, think, understand and hear truth which results in the destruction of Iman.

    In reality, Qalb is not the name of the piece of flesh, but the Divine or Spiritual Elegance whose station is in this piece of flesh and which is situated on the left-hand-side of the chest.

    The station or place where the Nafs is situated is below the navel. Therefore, the Shafa'i Madhab fold their hands in Salah above the navel and more towards the chest. The reason being is that when the Waswasah (Evil Whisperings) of the Nafs rises from below the navel towards the heart, it is stopped by the folding of the hands. Therefore, it is said, that the harder you fold your arms, the lesser the chances of Waswasah.

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