Naqshbandi Zikr/Hadrah in Germany with Shaykh Kabbani

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    I dunno about him being a wali, especially after the non-sensical things he has said and i just can't get over the fact he lets women kiss his hands.
  2. I love you Ya Shaykh! Madad!
  3. The above video is 1 part of 3 all available on youtube. Apart from the barakah of watching the great Saint of this Age doing zikr of Allah what has also just crossed my mind is that there is so much JOY in this gathering. It is palpable even via this youtube clip. This shows the beauty and joy behind TRADITIONAL Ahlus Sunnah Islam of the awliya and sufi saints.

    Compare the sheer bliss and joy of this gathering--it even looks like something someone would want to participate in!--to the dreary gatherings of the Wahabis and Deos. Those gatherings are joyless dreary things even on video whereas Sunni gatherings have barakah even on video!

    It is easy to see a non Muslim seeing this and being attracted.
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  4. Naqshbandi Hadrah with Mawlana Shaykh Nazim: The JOY of Traditional Sunni Islam

    --at one point they all sing Ya Nabi Salam Alayka during the zikr and look at this amazing wali of Allah at such an old age but vigorously doing the zikr of Allah!
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