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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Aqdas, Dec 28, 2021.

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    What did Shaykh Asrar say about the vaccine? Would be good to know his stance on it as not many ulema have spoken about it.
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    There are a few minutes (roughly 3 mins) cut out towards the end of this speech. I do find it interesting and wonder if it is censorship from the organisers.

    Within those few minutes, carrying on with the topic of Naat recital, Shaykh addressed people reciting poetry with excessive tune, movements, acting and dramatics, as well as speaking against Naat recited to the tune of Bollywood songs (btw these dramatics are not exclusive to youngsters #RimJhimRimJhim).

    He also mentioned that poetry should be recited correctly and that the best poetry is the one that's recited without a tune and how people may not like the sound of that and gave the Sahaba رضي الله عنهم as an example. (I'm sure we agree that great poetry is great regardless of whether it's recited with a tune or not). He also mentioned how he was once at a gathering in Madina Sharif with some Murids of Mufti Akhtar Rida and how they knew how to recite poetry correctly.

    Unfortunately, for whatever reason, the people in charge of the recording decided to cut this out. The cut is quite visible.

    Additionally, the Q&A was apparently "not recorded". Such a shame, considering Shaykh answered a lot of questions pertaining to Covid, the vaccine, the United States of Terr0rism (America), Saudi, cryptocurrency, what he meant by "institutional problems", the adab of ikhtilaf, and more. Interestingly, initial comments under Hafiz Mohammed Jameel's post pointing out the cut and the lack of Q&A got removed and then a sentence "not recorded" was added.
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    3 pieces of advice that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ gave for the end times

    1) Grab hold of your tongue — In our time, everyone has an opinion, a comment, or something to say. 'He said..." "She said..." Most of us have let our tongues run loose and we've allowed our fingers to go on overdrive. How many relationships were destroyed and how many friendships ended just because we couldn't control ourselves?

    2) Make your house enough for you — "I'm sick of being at home." Most of us get so restless and fed up being in the 4 walls of ours home. There is no peace and self-contentment. Even when we are at home, we are upset that the fridge isn't filled enough, the extension isn't big enough, and the wardrobe isn't fancy enough.

    3) Cry over your sins — Everyone is worried about the next man. Everyone is looking at his sin and her sin, but no one has got time to look at their own faults and their own shortcomings with Allah. We have become sinners who look down on other sinners for sinning differently.

    - Shaykh Mohammed Aslam
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