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    'It is unfortunate that Shaykh Hamza has had bitter experiences with "sufis" namely the murabitun, but you would think after 30 years, the feeling of bitterness would have evolved to something more positive. Shaykh Hamza has been an inspirational figure in my understanding of Islam, but we have to be honest to ourselves and our tradition and have to be able to decipher between a genuine opinion and someones personal experinece which leads to a prejudicial judgement. I can't help but notice an air of superiority in what the Shaykh said about "we from the west have a concept of Individial Sovereignty" and "we from the west are uncomfortable submitting to one person" I heard a few of Shaykh Hamza's talks recently where this "we from the west" and "we converts" has been used too frequently, ironically the murabitun have been accused of having similar attitudes and the leader they submit to is from the West!'

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