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Discussion in 'Other Mad'habs' started by kunh al-naqiibah, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. wa alaykum al-salam

    it's not about deoband/bereilliness. it's about the exact standards of scholarship.

    I doubt the author's grasp of he seems to translate from secondary sources. it's a littl better than that other blight: the maddhaahib by bilaal phillips.

    it's the polemic tone: e.g. he says 'here's malik calling raf al-yadayn' a weak practice. fair enough. but the same Malik says, 'I don't know of any sunnah about clasping the hands in the farD Prayer' (ibn al Qasim, mudawwanah) i.e. it is contrary to the Sunnah to clasp hands in prayer, according to imam Malik. why doesn't the author be consistent in his argumentation? Since Milik is the narrator of the hadiith of claspin in Bukhari, the agreed principle is, as per suyuTis tadriib, that the narrator in a hadiith is the most knowledgeable about its significance.

    I wrote a review of this and sent it to the publishers...I'll try and dig it up. If one is satisfied with this level of scholarship on's shortchanging oneself.

    I'v got fiqh al imam boxt in storage. I'll try and unbury it, reread and give a fuller reply.

    If you want hanafi proof: read Mabsut or Imam al-Aini's Umdah al-qari / or Imam Malik's muwaTTa via Imam Muhammad's reading. you can't beat them for intellectual grit.

    leave bauble scholarship hanging. nice glossy cover though, I'll give him that.
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    As-salamu 'alaykum,

    Would you care to elaborate on:

    A lot of people I know like and recommend that book (also students of knowledge with Barelwi background so the cannot be accused of being Deobandis promoting a fellow Deobandi's book) so I am a little surprised by your criticism.
  3. awful book feeble arguments, intellectually impecunious. pathetic polemics at the the expense of non-Hanafi madhaahib. an embarrassing disservice.

    may I say in all humility.

    any work that says such and such "comprises of [sic] X" such as 'fiqh al-imam' or 'the history of the quran collection' by mma Azami ["who holds a saudi citizenship" as goes the preface"] is pretentious scholarship.

    wa salamun alayka wa
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    As-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    No, sorry... not online at least. For the Hanafi view, I recommend the book "Fiqh al-Imam".
  5. irsaal- al-yadayn/sadl

    I saw somewhere on the internet a listing/dicussion of all the 'ilal - 'faults' of the aHaadith employed by the other schools in 'proving' QabD - folding of the hands in prayer. do you know where it is? I've read the essays on sadl.
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    As-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

    A new Maliki mailing list has been launched. There are already at least two nice Maliki lists, but there is room for a slightly different flavour, I think.

    The list's main language is English, but posts are also allowed in Danish (Swedish and Norwegian too as those three languages are mutually intelligible).

    All Malikis and people interested in Maliki fiqh are welcome to join:

    Maliki Fiqh ~ al-Fiqh al-Maliki

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