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    sunniport is up now. it has been up since morning and things seem to look okay. tweaking the look and feel will continue for some more time (getting all fonts the same - and congruent, colours etc.) if you have any problems, issues - please post on our forum, or if you have not registered but have access to sunnaforum post it there. (i am sure admins won't mind, in sha'Allah).

    sunniport registration had serious problems (software being 10 year old) and we were flooded by tens of thousands of spam-users. so we blocked it and by the time we woke up and said 'hey', we had 200,000 'users'. of course, only about two thousand were genuine users and a hundred or so were active ones.

    registration will be open shortly. my apologies to all those who might have tried to register but couldn't mostly due to our laziness (which we conveniently blamed on the software). but now, we have no excuses.

    new features
    we have powerful features with this new software (my analysis on what to buy can be the subject of another post - which no one will read, anyway) including a powerful landing page (the home page) with neat tricks - there is a slider (where we can post happenings etc.) and other standard stuff.

    apart from forums - where you can hold conversations (yes, argue; i know) and even rate posts or like them. most forums have this feature for ages, but we had stayed behind, so welcome us to your club. :)

    but there is also something new known as resources, which i believe can be harnessed to be a powerful resource for the community. initially, we will have strict control, but as we get used to the concept and users learn how it works, it can be a central repository for sunni sources: youtube links, books, audio clips, scans of famous passages, scans of devbandi depravity - and yes, the tahir jhangvi saga.

    i encourage you to go ahead and use our forum, and tell us - share with the sunni community - your ideas on how else we can make use of these features; quite possibly, many which we (sp admins) don't know yet.

    there is also facebook, twitter etc integration, things on which we will work in the coming weeks.

    we sincerely thank all of you who supported us and encouraged us to continue.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.
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