[Nov 5, 2014] The Chronicles of Karbala | 3 day event (Manchester)

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The Chronicles of Karbala | 3 day event
Start Date: Nov 5, 2014 07:00 PM
End Date: Nov 5, 2014 09:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +00:00 GMT

3 Woodlands Rd, Cheetham Hill
Manchester M8 9LF

Posted By: Aqdas

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  1. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    Mufti Monawwar Ateeq gave a excellent speech! Alhamdulillahi!
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  2. Lonely_Mountain

    Lonely_Mountain Active Member

    It comes down to niyyat in the end:
    - If people are hosting Islamic events and call it "Chronicles of Karbala" because they are using the word in its initial meaning then obviously there is no harm in it.

    - But say if certain people are 'bored of Islam' and its discourses / discussions / content etc we shouldn't be making events to appeal to their ego because that is cushioning and they won't grow that way. Instead we should retain our heritage and help people who do not have that issue that 'Islam isn't fun enough for me' or whatever. Basically what i am saying is that if someone still has a bit of spiritual weakness we shouldn't suck up to them and adjust to their opinions.

    - By bland name I think the brother just means exercise some discipline he probably doesn't mean if we are going to host something or do something lets call it 'Nothing Special Here Move Along' or 'If You Want To Sleep Come To This ' etc. He can correct me if I'm wrong.

    - Also when you said "why bland? is aayinah e qiyamat bland?" We are making the same point, we are aware that Islam isn't bland which is why we don't force enthusiasm from others. By making cinematic trailers or strange titles we are assuming that people find it boring maybe - so I feel we should make more balanced events or works / endeavours that doesn't assume people need a buzz or something. We are saying the same thing.

    It all comes down to niyyat and how the person used it. A lot of people criticised Imam Asim's Lion of Allah poster for this same reason. The Chronicles of Karbala event is free from this error because they used the word genuinely I think. I can see a clear difference between this event and the Lion of Allah event's promotion.

    That's just what I think.
  3. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    why bland? is aayinah e qiyamat bland?

    that is a different thing, and i agree that we shouldn't use movie references or clips (sound or videos).

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
  4. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    as i told aqdas a while ago, it is much ado about nothing.

    or am i guilty of copying shakespeare? or like another poster said:
    i am guilty of trying to make all of you look like jokers (hint: much ado... is a comedy written by shakespeare).

    chronicles is a good word; and if i were to translate mawlana nayimuddin muradabadi's book sawaniH e karbala, i would and in-sha'Allah, i will use the title: chronicles of karbala.

    take the work bahar e shariat - many kids may not know about the history of urdu, but among the earliest urdu novels is bagh o bahar by mir amman dihlavi (translated in english as "tale of four dervishes").

    would you say that using the word 'bahar' was inappropriate? or that it tries to make islamic fiqh spicy etc.?

    assume, that the guy who designed the poster was "inspired" by the title of "chronicles of narnia" - i say, what is wrong with it? suppose the designer did not know the word "chronicle" before and it was his first encounter via cs.lewis; still, what is wrong with it?

    i do get the point (i am not THAT thick) brothers have made: copying symbolism from these popular names - but if it is an apt word and has not been abused (like some words) there is no harm in using it.

    hisn al-hasin can be translated as the impregnable castle but the castle is a book by kafka, and impregnable fortress is the name of more than one book.

    i have chosen the exposition as a good title for tibyan (of imam nawawi). but there are also works containing the word "exposition" on bible related literature.

    similarly is a work: letters to scholars, for rasayil ibn aTayillah (which i recommend to young scholars and aspirants); but similar names exist.

    aphorisms is also open for objection.

    one can criticise anything, if we simply have to criticise; now, give me an alternative for "chronicles of karbala".

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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  5. Lonely_Mountain

    Lonely_Mountain Active Member

    Interesting examples, you do have a point. This can become an illness if it goes too far :/

    Thank u for this definition, I think it depends on whether the event users used the word for fictional purposes or for its original definition.

    1. Either they were trying to do a spin off of "The Chronicles of Narnia" in which case they would be guilty of trying to make Islamic history seem spicy etc.

    2. Or they were genuinely using the word chronicle as you have mentioned which is a written record of historical events in which case brother Ahmed would be wrong and as per usual would take it back.

    So, now I just wonder which one it is. I am leaning towards point number 2 because of who is holding the event etc and they dont really have a record of using Western fiction to advertise events as far as I know......
  6. Lonely_Mountain

    Lonely_Mountain Active Member

    Interesting examples, you do have a point. This can become an illness if it goes too far :/
  7. agent-x

    agent-x Well-Known Member

    a written record of historical events: e.g. chronicle of the French Revolution

    Lets stop using the word now because it has been used elsewhere - logic?
  8. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

    Syed Ahmed Uwaisi Active Member

    Why argue with me, seriously? As if there could be another conclusion on this issue?
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  9. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

    Syed Ahmed Uwaisi Active Member

    Calling Chronicles as immature is immature for the reason that they are trying to make Islamic information more spicy for themselves by giving it a name that resembles fictional books.

    The very purpose why it should be given a more bland name is because this is not a fictional story, and doesnt need to be spiced up, which is a growing trend in recent times. THere was a trailer for a Sunni Mawlid in Coventry in 2012 where they used a sound clip from 'The Two Towers', Shaykh Asrar's media outlet, 'Jamat al Muhammadiyya', and the guy who makes their trailers uses all these dramatic themes, one of them, on ad Dajjal used 'the Da Vinci Code' as a theme, this entire trend- IS IMMATURE!
  10. abu Hasan

    abu Hasan Administrator

    calling chronicles as immature is just immature; it is not a fictional story.
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  11. Syed Ahmed Uwaisi

    Syed Ahmed Uwaisi Active Member

    Calling it 'Chronicles' is just immature, its not a fictional story. These people should be more academic.
  12. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    Ah that is why...inshaa Allah I look forward to the event on Sunday. Will print poster of to make people aware in our local area inshaa Allah
  13. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    they usually are on a Saturday but 8,9,10 muharram fall on sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  14. Ethical_Barelvi

    Ethical_Barelvi Active Member

    inshaa Allah Sunday 3rd. You should try do do these sort of events on a Friday or Saturday.
  15. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Please forward the poster to all in and around Manchester.

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  16. Aqdas

    Aqdas Staff Member

    Sh Monawwar
    Sh Kalim
    Sh Arshad Misbahi.

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