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    hayaatul-hayavan is a standard reference - sort of an encyclopedia on the animal kingdom.

    Madani Channel used to air an eponymous series (not sure if they still do) - with short video clips of different animals from around the web.
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    background: we were discussing (mainly @Unbeknown inputs on some jalajel character's funky new heretical hypothesis) on the evolution thread - https://sunniport.com/index.php?threads/evolution.14152/page-2#post-73302

    the topic of souls and takleef came up - and inevitably we had to mention animal souls (or lack thereof) as well considering the evolution subject from an Islamic viewpoint.

    so, here we are. a separate thread on rooh and how it can or can not relate to the evolution discussion - both human rooh as well as animal (if they have it, or the nature of it compared to human arwah)

    this is a start

    1) ibn al-Qayyim's Kitab Ar-Rooh - https://archive.org/details/1440Pdf_201804/mode/2up - @abu Hasan gave a cheeky smile mentioning this book. i think i know why, but i assume it also has some material we may be able to utilize on the evolution topic.

    2) Shaykh Kamaluddin Al-Damiri's Hayatul Hayavan in Arabic - https://archive.org/details/azm101010_gmail_14_20180322 (perhaps this is a good starting point. the name just struck me as i have seen devbandis admire this work a lot, when discussing permissible and impermissible animals, or prawns or so on)

    3) Shaykh Al-Damiri's Hayatul Hayavan translated to Urdu by a Mawlana Nazimuddin - https://archive.org/details/Hayat-u...slationByShaykhNazim-ud-Deen/page/n1/mode/2up

    ps. i haven't read any section or browsed any of the books yet. just starting the thread for it to "evolve" naturally. don't have any idea if this Mawlana Nazimuddin is Sunni or not.
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