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    Introducing a website that offers online classes for numerous Islamic courses. This website is introduced by Dawat-e-Islami name as Quran Teacher (a.k.a. Madrasatul Madina Online) in which you can register yourself (or your kids). They have male teachers for male students and female teachers for female students, you can also choose class timings as per your schedule. They also offer free trial classes to examine their teaching skills. They offer many courses (I can't describe every course here so) some of them are mention below.

    In Quran Nazra course, you will learn to read the Quran according to Tajweed rules.
    In Quran Memorization course, you can learn Quran and memorize it.
    In Ramzan course, you can get to know the importance and rulings on various matters.
    In Hajj course, you can learn the method of Hajj and other information related to it.
    In Umrah course, you can learn the method of Umrah and other information related to it.
    In Arabic Grammar course, you can learn details of Arabic grammar rules, their understanding of the usage, and many other things.
    In Taharat course, you will get to know the method of Ghusl, rulings about Wudhu and Tayammum, and other details.

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