Owais Qadri Manchester Video - 19th March, 2007

Discussion in 'Sunniport Multimedia' started by naqshbandijamaati, Mar 25, 2007.

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  1. Yaseen bhai, no doubt he is the best naatkhwaan out there (possibly Sayyid Fashiddun Suharvardi is as good as him if not better) and he is also quite knowledgable it seems.

    amen to Allah's preserving him.
  2. Yaseen

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    I can see where you coming from re OQ being rather dsappointing. I think this was mainly down to the fatigue factor with him only arriving a day or two earlier. Also when he's in 'devotional' mode he normally holds the mic whereas throughout this performance the mic remained rooted to the stand which something I've very rarely seen from him. Highlight was when he stopped people from throwing money. When all is said and done he makes the other na'at khwan look amateurish in respect to their stylish beards and voices that only last ten minutes.

    May Allah preserve him.
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  4. :s1:

    thanks for the link. you can download it by selecting download and then embed. copy and paste the code into here!

    i was a bit disappointed. there were some good moments but owais bhai is better when he's in his purely devotional mode. still, before any gustaakh opens his/hermouth on here to criticise he is still a billion times better than any one of you because he is an aashiq. i loved his rendition of husn e yusuf pe kateen misr main angusht e zanaan and also his woh sue laalah zaar phirte hain.
    there was gold in there but not like the old times...
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