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  1. Aqdas

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    Shaykh Asrar on Pakistan and blasphemy laws

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    shayton taseer-e-khinzeer murdabad

    Another janwar of the khinzeer category.

    As Allamah Khadim Hussain (rahmatullahi alayh) used to say:

    "yaa to apna naam badlo, yaa kirdaar"
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    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

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    Abul Hasnayn

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    Nabuwat ka dawedar Asad Qadiani jis ki videos online b mojud hai aur wo Scotland se apni khabasat phela raha tha us ko Ghazi Tanveer Attari sahib ne wasil e jahanam ker dia hai. Gustakh e Rasool ki saza maut hai but is pai ittefaq kernai walai kuch ye b kehtai thai k saza qanoon dai Gustakh ko tou Media team ka un se sawal hai Scotland mai to aisa koi qanoon nahi to kia waha Gustakho ko Jeena ka haq hai aur qanon ki baat kernai walo ka begairat ummati ban k jeena ka!!!

    Is Gustakh e Rasool ki saza maut hai aur waha jis mulk mai koi saza nahi to tasdeeq k baad foran wasil e jahanam ker dena chaiye.

    *Gairatmand Media team*
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    A pertinent speech by Allama Saeed Ahmed Asad on Gustakh e Rasool صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم

    (Video is in 9 parts)

    Topics Discussed;

    1. What constitutes blasphemy?

    2. What is the Punishment for a blasphemer?

    3. Why did Salman Taseer visit Asiya maloon and not any other christian who may have been a miscarriage of the judiciary system? Why make your visit just for a gustakh and put your hand over her head, and ask her to be forgiven by the courts?

    4. Innocent muslims were also in jail, why not visit and help them first?

    5. But Prophet صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم forgave his blasphemers, so we should forgive too... right?

    6. Jewish lady swearing at the Prophet صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم, and how a companion killed her?

    7. A story of a blind companion and how he dealt with a blasphemer?

    Prophets صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم verdict on above 2 incidents?

    8. Hz Abdullah bin Afeef's (Hz Alis companion) martyrdom and their support against the blasphemer of Ahlul Bayt.

    9. Challenge to Javed Ghamdi and Salman supporters on blasphemy?

    10. Sahabi Hz Abdullah bin Ateek and his action against a blasphemer.

    11. Someone swore at Hz Abu Bakr, companions wanted to kill him; but Hz Abu Bakr said that a gustakh can only be killed if he blasphemies against Prophet صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم ONLY. (Abu Dawood)
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    Pakistani government is the first Muslim government that elected a female as its leader in spite of the Hadith Shareef that speaks against this. Pakistan as a whole has drifted far from Islam and is heavily affected by secularism and modernism, things need to change a lot.
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    Success of Tehreek Labbayk Ya RasulAllah صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم

    The following 7 requests (of the respectable scholars of Ahl-us-Sunnah Wa'l Jama'ah) have been accepted (by the Pakistani government)

    1. No changes are under consideration in 295-C nor will any be considered in future.

    2. Peaceful protesters who were arrested will be released.

    3. Any person convicted of insulting RasulAllah صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم will not be pardoned.

    4. The names on the fourth schedule are under scrutiny and the names of innocent people will be removed.

    5. Any proceedings against the ulama will be reconsidered.

    6. Ulama will provide proofs to PEMRA - which is a government body - to outlaw filthy content in the media.

    7. Recommendations with regard to Nizam-e-Mustafa صلی الله علیه وآله وسلم will be gathered and presented to the Ministry of Religious Affairs.
  9. Abul Hasnayn

    Abul Hasnayn

    Mufti munibur rahman sahib gave warning to government not to use any force on the protesters, otherwise the ulama of pakistan will not stay quite and government must be ready to face the outcome of its actions. this warning came from hazrat qibla hasinuddeen shah sahib as well.

    Government has closed all the networks of mobile phones in the sit-in area. that is the reason we not getting much news from the people sitting there.

    A letter was sent to hazrat Dr Asif Jalali, the leader of labbaik ya Rasoolallah movement from mothers and sisters, they asked permission to join with their infants. Dr Jalali replied when our dead bodies fall on the ground for the sake of protecting the honor of beloved Rasool ﷺ then you can also come. How emotional every on became and cried.

    Owais qadri joining the sit-in tomorrow and asked all those who love him to join
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    next he will say alahazrat didn't know urdu even though he lived in UP.
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    rather ajhal
  12. Aqdas

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    He doesn't know the basics, btw. He's a total jahil.

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    And Umar Minhajis rambling continues

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  15. Abul Hasnayn

    Abul Hasnayn

    [New post] Ghazi Mumtaz Qadri’s Shahadah – Yemeni Fatwa

    Complete translation available at the following link include a PDF version:
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  17. Abul Hasnayn

    Abul Hasnayn

    "DR. Muhammad Mehrban Barvi
    BS,Libya. PGD & LLM(M. Phil) &
    PhD from Sudan. Graduated, from Syria
    & Yemen & Iraq"

    I emailed the above honourable personality who is also the questioner of the Yemeni fatwa, he was kind enough to share these attachments with me.

    ps. note to moderators please delete the same post under the "Mumtaz Hussain Qadri" thread I mistakenly posted it there, or you can leave it there if it is not an issue.

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  18. Abul Hasnayn

    Abul Hasnayn

    The Bar Association at Islamabad High Court declared the sentence as Judicial Murder and observed Black Day
  19. Harris786

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    Allah, with the name of the Most Merciful, Most Kind

    All praise is for Allah, the Lord of the universe, and salawaat and salutations upon the seal of the prophets and messengers, our master Muhammad who was sent as a mercy for the Universe and upon his family, companions and those who follow them until the day of qiyaamah.

    After this, we at the seat of Ifta in Tarim have received a question from Muhammad Mahboob ur Rasool al Qadri from the city of Lahore in Pakistan. At its meeting in the dar ul ifta on 13 Rabi ut thaani 1433 it considered it and after discussion and debate it became clear to us that when what has been mentioned in the question is authenticated and proven from the statements of Salman Taseer, he has become a murtad from Islam. And all the matters related to the murtad apply to him, i.e. he should first be encouraged to repent, which is waajib, if he does repent then as is, otherwise he will be executed as a kaafir.

    And thereafter he will not be given ghusl, nor janaaza prayed over him, nor will he be given kafan, nor buried in a muslim graveyard, he will be separated from his wives, those with whom he was not intimate will become divorced immediately, whilst because of his becoming murtad all his wives with whom he was intimate will become divorced from him at the end of their iddah. He will not inherit from anyone and nor will anyone inherit from him. His right over all his wealth and property will end until the time he becomes a Muslim because murtad is the worst type of kufr. Allah states "the one from amongst you who commits apostasy from his religion & dies, then he is a unbeliever [kafir] & their actions in the world [dunya] & in the next abode [akhira] have been destroyed" [Surah al-Baqarah].

    Allāma Muhammad Ibn Sālim Ibn Hafīdh was asked about a man who tries to devalue the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa salam and he responded with a long reply, as is mentioned in his fatwa and he said in it and he uses it (the verse above) to support his answer of the apostacy of the one who demeans the Messenger and about whom he said ‘May Allah benefit him’: And the man who said ‘Welcome o Joker!’ when people stood in honour of the Messenger during the Mawlid in which he recited the sira of the messenger, and he said ‘May Allah benefit him by it’. Such a man will be one of two matters: one that he said this statement with the intention of demeaning the messenger of Allah and the greatest of Allah’screation, the Khaatim of the Messengers and prophets, Our master, Muhammad. The second is that he meant to demean the people standing in honour of the messenger of Allah. So if his intention was the first then there is no doubt in his turning away from the Islamic deen, may Allah save from that. This is because the demeaning of the Prophet, nay, any prophet from the prophets, is through ijma of the Muslims Kufr. It is in the Book of Shifa of Qaadi Iyaad: ‘Whoever attributes to our Prophet lies in what he brought, and what he informed of, or doubts his truthfulness, or swears at him or says that he did not transmit or he demeans him or one of the prophets or scalds them or hurts them or kills a prophet, or fights them, he is a kaafir by ijma.’

    And similar is in more than one book of the imams such as kitaab ul ilaam fi Qawati il islam of Allaama Ibn Hajar al Haytami and kitaab Silm il Tawfeeq of the Habeeb Abdullah bin Hausayn bin Taahir and its shara of Allaama Muhammad Saeed Ba Baseel and others. The text of ‘Tohfa’ of Ibn Hajar Al Haytami at the end of the matan (text) in the first book of Rida (apostacy) is: He is cut from islam with an intention or with kufr words or actions, even if he said it in jest. An example is if it was said to him ‘cut your nails for it is sunnah’ and he says ‘I will not do so, even if it is sunnah.’ He then said at the end of the text ‘or he rejected a prophet or messenger or finds any fault in them or shortens their name in order to belittle them.’ And it is similar in the Nihaaya of Ramlee.

    And if this speaker intended the second matter, of degrading those standing in honour of the messenger and if he intended to degrade them because of their standing in the respect of al Mustafa Muhammad then it is not far that he will be as in the first matter, because the respect of the Mustafa Muhammad has been brought by the Sunnah and ordered by the Haqq, the Most Pure, in other verses of the Honourable Quran and degrading the Sunnah is kufr, may Allah forbid, as has been clarified in the text of ‘Tohfa tul Maara’

    And it is in the Mugannee of Khateeb Sharbeeni in the Chapter of Ridda: ‘or the degradation of the Sunnah just like if it is said to him that when the Prophet would eat he would lick his three fingers and he responds ‘this is not etiquette’ or it is said to him ‘clip your nails for it is sunnah’ and he said ‘I will not do so even if it is sunnah’ and his purpose was jest.’

    And if he intended to degrade them (people) because of another reason then it is extremely haraam, and the perpetrator is deserving the severest ta’zeer of the apostate, for his example will be a lesson to others and they will not say something similar.

    Allaama Ibn Hajar in his book ‘al ilaam’ said ‘The 2 shaykhs and others did not express a preference in the first matter in what I saw. I mean if he said ‘the Prophet had long nails.’ and it is clear that if he said it to belittle the Prophet or make jest or in terms of a fault in him then it is kufr, if it wasn’t then it is not kufr. And he will be given a severe Ta’zeer

    And he said in a second place: ’if he said it in response to the comment ‘The Prophet would eat he would lick his fingers’ ‘That is not etiquette’ (it is) Kufr. It will be treated as a rejection of the sunnah of licking the fingers and turning away from it. So it has come from what has passed about the one to whom it is said ‘Cut your nails’ and he says ‘I will not do that’ whilst turning away from the sunnah. He then said ‘Or if it is said to him the Prophet liked pumpkin or vinegar’’ and he said ‘I do not view the two (in the same way)’ or says ‘I do not see anything (special) in them’ this will not be kufr, if his intention was to give news of his nature or just generally, as opposed to if his intention being an absence of love for them because the Prophet loved them because in such an intention is the mockery of the Prophet and demeaning him (end).

    And it is in Is’aad ur Rafeeq Shara Muslim at tawfeeq of al Baa Baseel quoting from al ilaam: It is said in As Shifaa ‘Whoever swears at our Prophet and all other universally accepted prophets or finds faults in him, or attributes fault in him or his lineage or his religion or his activities, or criticises him, or finds fault in terms of slandering or diminishing his rank or curses him or makes ill dua for them, or wishes for him bad orattributes to him something which does not befit his rank for the purpose of censure, or rebuke him over something from the difficulties and issues he faced, will be a kaafir with ijmah as mentioned by a jamaat. The narration of Ibn Hazam against this matter is not reliable. So if all these matters emanate from a person or just some of them he will be executed andrepentence will not be accepted according to most of the ulema and upon this is a jamaat of our people, indeed Shaykh abu bar Al Faarisi claimed ijma upon it.

    And in it is text of Silm ut tawfeeq :And the result from most of the texts which were mentioned of the 2 imams (Qaadi Iyad in Shaifa and Ibn Hajar in I’laam) return to the matter that all beliefs or acts or statements emanating from a person, which evidence the attempt to belittle or demean Allah, or something from His books, or one of his prophets, or angels, or something from his signs or matters of His religion or His commands or His promises or His warnings is kufr. i.e. if the speaker intends belittling or demeaning by way of this, but if he did not mean that then it is a severe Haram act (end)

    What we have learned from the written fatwa of Allaama Muhammad ibn Saalim bin Hafeez and from these mentioned proofs one will attain the answer to the first part of the question mentioned about Salman Ta’seer.

    As for the response to the second part of the question about Mumtaz Hussayn al Qadri who after he became informed of the Fatwa of the ulema of his country that Salman Taseer’s blood was lawful and there were many obstacles to implementing it (him receiving capital punishment through the Pakistani system), as has been mentioned in the question, and so he killed him … to the end. In its response we mention the statements of the Shafiee and other ulema from other schools, which are:

    Ibn Shaykh Al Haytami in his book ‘at thofa’ writes ’No one can institute it, i.e. the punishment of apostacy, except the Imam or his deputy, if someone else does he will be ‘Tazeered’

    The Hanafi ulema state as in Hidaaya Shara Bidaaya tul Mubtadee: When a Muslim becomes murtad from Islam, Islam is presented to him, for he may have had some doubts, and with this his doubts will be eradicated, for this is better than the evil of killing (him), however our ulema have said that it is not wajib to present islam to him because the dawah of islam had already reached him and it is said ‘He should be imprisoned for 3 days, if he accepts islam then good, if not he should be executed, It is in Jaame us Sageer: Islam will be presented to the Murtad, whether he be free or slave, and if he rejects he will be executed.’

    He then said ‘If a man kills him before islam is presented to him it is makruh, but there is nothing (punishment) upon the murderer, Kiraaha here refers to leaving the mustahab. There is no recompense here because the Kufr leads to the permisissibility of killing. And presenting (islam) after the reaching of the Dawah is not wajib.’

    It is in Iktiyaar li ta’leel al Mukhtaar : ‘If a killer kills him before the presenting of Islam (upon him), there is nothing (punishment) upon the killer because he is worthy of execution because of his kufr and there is no retribution upon him, and it is makruh because it led to the tark (forsaking) of the mustahab act of presenting of islam.and in it is doing so without the permission of the Imam (ruler)’

    It is in Haashiya Kanz ud daqaaiq ‘It is said in Hidaaya that if a man kills him before presenting islam upon him, Kamaal said ‘or severs a bodily part from him’ it is makruh but there is nothing upon the killer, because the kufr leads to its permissibility, and all crimes against a murtad are void.’ (end) It is in Shara Tahaawi ‘When he does that, i.e. kills him or decapitates him without the imams permission, he will be censured. (end) Qaadi Khan said ‘and the apostacy of the man negates the sanctity of his life such that if he is killed without the order of the Qaadi, either intentionally or accidentally, or without the Sultans command, or cuts a part of his body, there is nothing upon him.

    And the position of the Hanbali ulema, quoting from the book Matan al Iqnaa ‘No one will kill him except the imam or his deputy, whether the murtad is free or a salve. If another kills him without permission he will be wrong and censured but there will be no retribution, this is equal if it was before seeking his tawbah or after it.’

    And it is in its Shara Kashaaf Al Qinaa ‘(If he is killed) i.e the murtad, (by another) i.e. other than the imam or his deputy (without his permission, he will becensured) because he went against the Imam and his deputy, (and there will be no retribution) from the killer because the place was not of innocence - the murtad was not innocent - and this is equal where it is before seeking his tawbah or after, because his killing ininsignificant for his apostacy makes his blood lawful, and this (condition) was present before tawbah issought from him, just as it is present after it.’
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    The Kerry Lugar Bill. Maybe the Pakistani Government wants more Kerry Lugar fund?

    Salaman wanted European integration:

    Salaman with Qadiyanis:


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