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  1. Aurangzeb

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    Provide them the tools to understand and analyse these shows and they will soon abandon them. It would be useful if there was a Sunni podcast/YouTube series that really analysed these shows and how effective they can be in promoting an anti Islamic doctrine with a great degree of sophistication. Qaiser Ahmed Raja is one of the few I know that delve into this for Urdu speakers, though this is no endorsement of him overall.

    I remember the portrayal of a 'harsh' father who reprimanded his son for hugging his sister in law if I remember correctly. 'Us ka baap bara strict heh' was the response Astaghfirullah.
  2. Umar99

    Umar99 Veteran

    The only realistic way people will avoid watching dramas is if they don't have TVs. It is true that the possibility is present with an Internet-enabled device too such as a laptop or mobile phone, however much more effort is required as compared to a TV.

    It is known that for a long time these dramas are challenging the status quo of Pakistani society, sometimes correctly and sometimes incorrectly.
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  3. Aqdas

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    Ban Pakistani dramas in your homes.

    Western liberalism has pervaded the country and money is being used for the nefarious purpose. America is pumping in millions.

    The content is designed to cause the breakdown of the traditional family unit.

    Adultery, cheating, plotting, feminism, liberalism, argumentation. What do you think this does subconsciously to viewers' minds?

    Wholesale ban. Talk to the women in your homes and explain logically the vices at play.
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