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  1. hayaa

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    Not always. Foreign wives often aspire to me like Western women, want British passport to bring over their brothers and sisters and this is where their priorities usually lie.
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    maulana x is speaking 'pahari' a language of the hills. Its akin to Dogri, which was until recently considered a dialect of Punjabi like Seraiki in southern Punjab.

    'tussa kithe chaleyo' is pahari; its closer to dogri (until recently considered a dialect of Punjabi, and was considered the language of Jammu province)

    In India Jammu province consists of these districts:


    Koshur is the 'real' kashmiri.

    Mirpur/Punch/Riasi/Rajauri is pahari-land

    There are other pahari languages in India all the way up to the end of Nepal! But those pahari languages are very very different. The only pahari languages that have similarities to the pahari of Mirpur are those in Himachal Pradesh in northern India.
  3. maulanax

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    Brother nj like my dad says kay haal hai jatta lol
    i was on some blogs on kashmir lately and most of the muslims there thinks pakistan treats us people from azad kashmir as 2nd class citizens and torture us well this is all rubbish!!! i think were better off being independant than being ruled by hindus
    whats the views on kashmir from any brothers?
  4. bro maulanax, paapa keh peh aakhne oh?! main vee JaTT aan na! :p
    dina is near jhelum and about an hour or so drive from khaRi Sharif in Azad Kashmir.

    big up to all the other Jatts on sunniport from me! *brap!*
    haroon i think they're all offshoots of punjabi but a linguist would probably disagree!
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  5. maulanax

    maulanax Active Member

    lol brother haroon we say kay akhne ho, bro nj we do sometimes say papaa. dina is that near pindi? im not from dadyaal thats where most of the jatt are from.
  6. Haroon

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    Hey that sounds a lot like Punjabi!

    All i know in Mirpuri language is "ki banay ho"
  7. bro, it seems i speak more like you do! i also say tussee kitheh chaliyo... bro, i'm not from mirpur ways but from dina.
    i know of a lot of brothers from mirpur though...there seem to be loads of ppl from dadyaal everywhere in the UK :)

    do you use the word, 'paapa;?* (we don't) and 'achnee' and 'gachnee'? once i sat down and tried to think of the differences between how we speak in the dina area and how my mirpuri friends speak and those three words were the only things i could come up with.

    * like the guy Paapa Mehboob Khan on DM Digital!
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  8. maulanax

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    brother nj, the way we pronounce some words in kashmiri is different to potohari such as they say maare and we say mere and they say taare and we say tere. they say tu kudr chaleyye we say tussa kithe chaleyo. i hope you understand now bro no offence to you. no i dont speak koshur.
    also where in mirpur do you live i live in kalyal when i go to pakistan.
  9. there's NOTHING wrong with them. That's only what that stupid woman, Dr. Khan, seemed to think. So how is Kashmiri different from potohari? Can you give some examples? How do you say, "Where are you going?" Or do you actually speak Koshur which I think is the language spoken in the Kashmir Valley itself (under Indian occupation) and totally different?
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  10. bro maulanax, if you read my posts carefully you'll see i WAS defending the male sex. bro, also i'm sure that some paki girls are not so innocent just like girls everywhere else. i never had that myth (well not once i met some of them at university...! boy!)

    i agree. lets not resort to generalisations and stereotypes as SA01 has already gracefully said.
    btw bro what's wrong with potohari?! :D
  11. maulanax

    maulanax Active Member

    correct me if i was wrong bro, but i guess even you know that what im saying is right. im not defaming the sexes, im just sticking up for the male sex since that woman criticised us a lot.
  12. SA01

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    Ahemmm! Bro....irrational generalisations from Dr Sahiba were enough, surely your contribution is not warranted...even though you may mean them in jest.

    Lets stick to the topic and not go down the route of defamation of the sexes...PLEASE.
  13. maulanax

    maulanax Active Member

    lol bro whats wrong with people from mirpur area thats where im from btw not all mirpuris speak potohari some also speak kashmiri like me, sounds more civilised and that website is a total joke since she sounds like a villager. the state of women in some pakistan cities like lahore and pindi are the same as here theyre all looking for a red passport lol. the women in pakistan are not so innocent, nj bhai i thought you woldve woken up from that myth.
  14. Note to Mods: Could you please perhaps remove these last few posts to do with kafa'at into a new thread?
  15. Well, insha Allah. (If you have reliance of the traveller you can check under the section on Marriage too [even though it is shafi'i]).

    Here's Shaykh GF Haddad (a reliable Sunni authority) on the subject of kafa'at in general:

    And here is Sidi Faraz of Sunnipath with a really excellent summation of the fiqh of kafa'at in the Hanafi School:

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  16. SA01

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    Could you please elaborate on this.....I never knew this. JZK.
  17. SA01

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    I was typing a massive reply (in my mind) in answer to your post bro NJ, because I couldn't fathom out which article I found more hilarious and ridiculous...yours or Dr Khan's!!! But then I saw your above posts........and realised you understood why I found the site ludicrous and hence called her article 'codswollop'!

    Generalisations are an understatement! She is blatantly discriminating.....she might like to defend that through freedom of speech, pro-womanism, anti-Mirpuri Brigade or simple British sarcasm/humor, BUT she DOESN'T Fool me!
  18. I'm sorry but the more I read of this webpage the more I'm getting vexed (and I'm a British Paki which she is supposed to be defending!). She seems to have a special hatred for people from the Mirpur area (from the language she uses --it is potohari/mirpuri --"maari" instead of 'saadi' and 'jaasi' instead of 'jaayegi' etc.)

    I have to say she seems like a right ho!(Rant in Potohari: "'Sayee khoti lagni eh! Tarna! Yehne na maal! Unni mao ni..." :D

    I wouldn't be surprised if there was a banner at the bottom saying, 'Sponsored by the BNP/KKK/RAW' its so bad!
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  19. People might not like my comments but its the blunt truth. Both parties are to blame. The reality is that in Europe marriage is increasingly seen as unnecessary and passe and European Muslims are becoming affected with this syndrome too (just a bit slower than our non Muslim compatriots. Houellebecq has nailed it.)

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