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    a very good read. the hadith from tirmidhi shareef quoted on page 52 seals the discussion for good. If I remember well, I think you have elaborated on this topic in the book Truth About A Lie. Will have to re-visit and check. But what struck me most is that the malayina have succeeded in embroiling the poor, uninformed and simple minded muslims, in a vexing fitnah which the ulama of the past had laid to rest long ago.

    Both the wahhabis and their 'pinker' shade have spared no effort in resuscitating old fitnahs and that too in times in which competent scholars and mindful and god-fearing commoners are rarer than red sulphur.

    Fitnah is sleeping, may Allah curse the one who awakens it.
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  3. Unbeknown

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    jazakAllahu khayran




    these and several other verses prove that He (Most High) can forgive all sinners except disbelievers. Furthermore, scholars have stated that even if He (subHanu wa taála) punishes a few of the sinners (for sins regarding which explicit threats of punishment have been mentioned in the Book and the Sunnah) His (subHanu wa taála) words will have been proved true. It is not necessary for every sinner to be punished in order for His (subHanu wa taála) threat to have held true.

    Allah taála knows best.
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    Correction: a better expression would be "Going against the threat of punishment"
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    Khalf el Waeed: This is when Allah the Supreme, does not carry out a punishment of a sinner. For example, He has obligated severe punishment for drunkards; but He may - by His infinite Mercy - simply forgive, and choose NOT to carry out the punishment; so that would technically mean "going against the promise of punishment"; Ahle Sunnah rightly believe that such a decision by Allah is His mercy, and NOT a proof of Allah's ability to lie. For Allah has the right to forgive whoever He wants - and this is proven from the Holy Qur'an that He may forgive all except the disbelievers.

    Deobandis use the the instances of Khalf el Waeed mentioned in Hadeeth shareef, to support their dirty belief of Allah's ability to lie.

    (may Allah protect us)
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    i would like to request someone to elaborate further on " Khalf al wa'id " please. What does it mean.
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    First of the twenty points:

    subHanAllah! notice alahazrat's ('alayhirraHmah) upfront-ness in refuting murtaddeen. He didn't put istigatha or milad or urs/fatiha at the top, not even the shaykh-e-najd.

    jahaN me aam paigam e shah e ahmed raza karde
    palat kar peechhe dekhe phir se tajdeed e wafa karde
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    His other works, you should read. Piles of evidence.

    You should look at the question. It doesn't ask for detailed evidences. Alahazrat lists the 20 points that satisfy the query. Just as imam e Azam answered the three points of who is sunni: Tafdil al shaykhayn etc.

    those who don't, won't.
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    Did not get your point clearly, could u please explain in detail.
  11. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    pg 13 has a typo - it's "khUlfe wa3id" not khAlf


    which of the points do you contest nawazuddin?
  12. Nawazuddin

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    Evidence for those claims is what was needed and not a truth by authority. Of course, those who have faith in alahadrat will believe.
  13. mohammadubaid

    mohammadubaid Out for learning Introductory Text about the book. Click to download

    Parameters of Salvation - Ridawi Translations

    TheSunniWay Release for Yaum e Raza 1436 AH - Printed version of the book to be available in the UK within the next few weeks for free distribution, in sha Allah

    Since the time of the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ, many heterodox sects have emerged, claiming to be part of the Ahl al-Sunnah and preachers of the true message but, in reality, are far from it. Umūr e ʿIshrīn Dar Imtiyāz e ʿAqā’id e Sunniyyīn penned by Imām Aḥmad Riḍā Khān al-Qādirī, contains a list of twenty creedal points that allow Sunnīs to differentiate between a real Sunnī and a false claimant.

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