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    I have heard about this shaykh (he passed away recently), and he is the the shaykh of Maryam Qadri, who is a revert aswell as a staunch sunni and an ardent lover of alaHazrat. The shaykh is also a khalifa of mufti azam e hind and a descendant of Ghawth al-Azam. I was browsing through his site and I found a lot of disturbing content regarding interfaith unity and other things which don't make sense to me such as the shaykh allowing non-Muslims to be initiated into the qadri silsila and encouraging people of all religions to follow their "own path for all paths lead to God."

    This is the link to the website - http://www.qsfa.org/sufi_master.php

    Now, I found all this content very similar to what tahir ul padri says.

    My questions are:
    1) can someone close to the shaykh confirm whether the site is an accurate representation of the shaykhs beliefs? (preferably Maryam Qadri as she used to be a member on this forum)

    2) if all this is true then what would the ruling be on saying such words?

    Bayyinu tuajjiru

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