Pothwar Sunni Janaza

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Abul Hasnayn, Apr 28, 2016.

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    It works.
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    Doing dhikr loudly in Janazah is "Sinful innovations" according to them, as is placing wreaths and flowers, plastering graves, building structure over them, making them high, writing on them, dhikr whilst throwing soil on grave, gathering in house after burial, reciting Fatiha at grave, planting flowers, gatherings and anniversaries by which they probably mean Khatam Shareef.

    Are there any online Sunni books or material that can be downloaded that focus specifically on those topics and the validity of such practices?

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    Wobbler says "Bidah"
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    This is a typical Sunni Janaza gathering in Pothwar Plateau of Pakistani Punjab. Over here for an 18 year old rural Sunni student.

    Please listen particularly towards the end. Honestly,the Islamic Sunni quality of the people, as seen here outwardly, is one of the best throughout the Islamic World.

    The degree of love Sunnis in Pakistan have for the Sahaba Kiraam and the Ahl al Bayt Kiraam riDwanuAllahu ajma'een is likely more and ahead of most of the Islamic World


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