Princess Noor Inayat Khan, GC, CdG, MBE.

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  1. Unveiling of a statue! Honour, you say Sidi Asif?
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  3. the fight against fascism was quite important n'est pas?

    recently an indian writer has written a full biography of her and here is an audio interview (about 10 mins) with the author:

    apparently it is now to be turned into a movie...

    why is this important? in an age of rising islamophobia in europe and britain i think it is important for people to be aware of the muslim contribution to the War and for the fight against Fascism.
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  4. abu Hasan

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    oh, great.

    the grandfather fought the empire and died fighting against the empire.
    and the (supposed) grand-daughter fought FOR the empire and died FOR the empire.

    as for the cbe:
    only cheerleaders for the empire need to be worried. islam IS egalitarian in all respects and such superficial 'honors' and 'medals' have been frowned upon. many non-muslims and even originally british have refused such a thing:,9061,1111643,00.html

    i cannot imagine why anyone would even think of awarding me an obe or a cbe (apart from the fact that we are not in the empire anymore) but if they got deluded and did, i would not hesitate to throw it back. my master alaHazrat would paste the stamps upside down on his letters because that would invert the crown. (for the e-mail gen: stamps would carry the picture of queen victoria as any philatelist would know.)

    egalité! liberté! fraternité!

    this is an islamic concept and no wonder tipu sultan adopted it. he even called himself citizen tipu (of the jacobin club)

    as for inayat khan:
    i have a very old book back home and i remember the writer though not its name - some pir inayat khan. i was livid with rage when i read (15years ago) such balderdash in the name of sufism and wrote a scathing blurb on the book itself. if this is the same dolt, then we can understand why his daughter chose to be the modesty blaise of the empire.

    hum khak haiN aur khaak hi ma'awa hai hamara
    khaki to woh adam jad e a'ala hai hamara
    Allah hameN khaak karey apni Talab meiN
    ye khaak to sarkaar se tamghaa hai hamara
    us ne laqab e khaak shahinshaah se paaya
    jo haidar e karrar ke mawlaa hai hamaara

    we are from dust and dust is where we shall return
    our great grandfather has also been created from dust
    may Allah turn us to dust, in our yearning for Him
    because this dust is the medal we have received from our Lord
    verily, the prince gave him the noble title of 'dust' (abu turab)
    to him, who is the brave tiger and our master
  5. Princess Noor Inayat Khan worked as a spy for the British Special Operatives Executive until she was captured by the Gestapo, tortured and killed at Dachau contentration camp on September 11 1944. She was awarded the George Cross posthumously.

    An amazing woman, she needs to be more widely known. The following website dedicated to her is worth a look:

    [pic deleted - not shariah complaint ]

    p.s. some trivia: she was a descendent (great-great-great granddaughter) of The Tiger of Mysore, Tipu Sultan :ra: and the daughter of the mystic Hazrat Pir Inayat Khan.

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