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  1. loveProphet

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  2. loveProphet

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    Based on reading what Imam Ahmed Rida Khan wrote in the link I provided, he basically said that the Prophet was taught by Allah Most High late in life, i.e. when he was given the large amount of knowledge.
  3. Mohamed shaksi

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    It is a matter talked in some books of Kalam, see under Modjizaat.

    Expect much igtilaaf in it.

    Ahmad Rida holds the position as pirzada explained, however he refutes the other position based on what I mentioned earlier those who want to prove a defect. This is what wahabi do.

    However you will find others who don't see this as a defect rather it is a Modjizah.

    Both agree that the knowledge was not learned from humans but gifted by Allah Ta'ala.

    I personally hold the same view of Pirzadah, but don't attack the ones who hold another opinion as some Non-Asian Ulama do. We attack those who want to prove a defect. This is what is wrong. The intention of Ahmad Rida when he criticizes the other stance is based on this intention.

    This is not from Qat' Aqaaid and igtilaaf is possible. The best way to learn these subjects is from books from Ahmad Rida and Arabic scholars to see the Jaaiz Igtilaaf.
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  5. loveProphet

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    Anyways currently no one has provided references to scholars like Imam Ahmed Rida Khan or the early classical scholars yet
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    Good point. Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam
  7. Mohamed shaksi

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    Yes you are quite right, Djazak Allah for rectifying me.

    صلى الله عليه و آله و صحبه و سلم
  8. Abu Hamza

    Abu Hamza Hanafi-Maturidi

    shocking to see "he" mentioned numerous times & no salawat, appalling.

    Learn some adab before speaking about the Noble Messenger of Allāh [صلى الله عليه و اله وسلم]

    البخيل الذي من ذكرت عنده فلم يصل علي
  9. Mohamed shaksi

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    Yes when you read about the verse Wa maa Kunta Tatlu, there you will find an explanation that this verse only specifies that the Holy Prophet did not recite/read, not that he could not. Only after he was ordered to recite, he recited.

    The first revelation can not be used to deny his ability to read or write.

    Because the Holy Prophet said Ma Ana Bi Qari'in, meaning I will not repeat What you said to me. There was no kitabat. But only the voice of Jibril Alaihis Salaam.

    The Quran is unique in revelation that in contrast to previous books this was not revealed in book/written form but recited.

    Don't have books with me now, I studied the subject many years ago.
  10. loveProphet

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    Thanks but can you please provide references to the Ulema on this issue (scholars other than shaykh Pirzada).
    As for the opinion "Some are of opinion he could read and write but was not ordered by Allah to read or write.", does this mean he knew how to read and write even before the 1st revelation?
  11. Mohamed shaksi

    Mohamed shaksi New Member

    Both views are possible.

    Some are of opinion he could read and write but was not ordered by Allah to read or write.

    Others, he was not able before Allah granted him this knowledge, this is from amongst the Modjizaat.

    The opinion of the most wahabite differ in the sense they want to proof his inability to show defects. This is why the Ulama in Hind attack them on this point.
    Please correct me if I'm wrong.
  12. loveProphet

    loveProphet New Member


    What is the Sunni belief on the Prophet being able to read and write:

    1) did he know how to read and write
    2) when was he given this knowledge?

    What are the views of the early scholars on this issue?
    Jazak Allah khair
    Wa salam

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