Pure Sunni Naqshbandi branches?

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  1. Mohamed Shah Qadri

    Mohamed Shah Qadri Active Member

    Yes this is correct...the Qadiri sarwari silsila goes through sheikh sultan bahu RH...this leads eventually to Ghous ul Azam RA.
  2. Nabeela

    Nabeela New Member

    As salamu Alaykum

    Can someone please shed some light on this; is there any difference between Silsila e Qadria and Silsila e Sarwari Qadri?

    I heard silsila e Sarwari Qadri is silsila e Qadria, is that correct?

    JazakAllahu Khayraan.
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  3. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Shaykh Khalid Naqshbandi (rh) was not a direct khalifa of Imam Rabbani (Rd) . He was a khalifa of Shaykh Abdullah dehalvi naqshbandi mujaddidi (Rh) ( chain from shaykh Masum rh)
    The khalidiya branch of naqshbandi order is also accessible by by "non urdu"speaking people.
  4. abdarrashid

    abdarrashid Active Member

    brother are you are?
    look at the dates, for imam sirhindi (r) and imam khalid (r).
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  5. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    walekum as salam wa rahmatullah

    Imam Rabbani Shaykh Sirhindi Rd had many khulafa. Among them the famous ones are :

    1. Syed Adam Binnori Rh

    2. Shaykh Masum Rh ( son of Imam Rabbani rd)

    3. Shaykh Mawlana Khalid Baghdadi Rh

    All the three chains ( along with other branches of naqshbandi mujaddadi order) is widespread even out side the indian subcontinent.
  6. SaidSunni

    SaidSunni New Member

    As-salamu 'alaykum brother,

    Thank you for the clarification.

    Let me re-phrase the initial request:

    Can we list the silsilas/tariqa branches of the Naqshbandi Tariqa that are "accessible" by non-Urdu speakers too?
  7. sunnistudent

    sunnistudent Veteran

    Walekum as salam wa rahmatullah.

    All the tariqas are purely sunni. The aim of all the tariqa is to establish the haq and love of AllaH subhanahu wa ta'la and love of the prophet Mohammad sal allahu alayhi wa 'alihi wa ashabihi wa sallam. All the tariqas teach the aqida of ahlus sunnah wal jamah. Those " groups" which have deviant teachings are not a part of these tariqas, even though these groups want to be called as a "tariqa".

    Naqshbandi silsila has two main branches: First, Naqshbandi branch which does not pass through Imam e Rabbani shaykh Ahmad sirhindi (rd)and second one which goes though Imam Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Sirhindi ( Rd). This is called Naqshbandi- Mujadidi . This is more widespread . Naqshbandidi Mujadidi has again 2 branches : One passing through Shaykh Masumi Rh ( son of Imam Rabbani Rd) and other passing through Syed Adam Binnori al Husyani (rh) , who was a khalifa of Imam Rabbani Rd.

    Coming to deobandis.

    Please note the chief leader of Deobandi sect, Ismail Dehlavi said that all these tariqas , such as Chishti ,Qadri , Naqshbandi and Suharwardi is a bid'a. All the main leaders of deobandi sect had taken bay'a on the hands of Shaykh Imdadullah Muhajir Makki (Rh) who had ijaza in all the salasil, bubt was Chishti Sabri to the core. First these deobandis spoiled the name of Chishti Tariqa, later they started making mureed in Naqshbandi tariqa. ( Ashraf ali thanvi sticked to chishti teachings where as others inclined to Naqshbandi teachings). You will find some deobandi are " qadri" as well .

    So using these sufi names the deobandis are misguiding people. They are more dangerous than the wahabis ( la madhabis/ salafis) who openly say that these tariqas are wrong (though Ibn Taymiyah himself was a mureed in Qadri silsila ) because a normal man starts thinking these deobandis as "sunnis" when these deobandis talk about "tariqas".

    To find out about a branch, we need to have the names of shaykh in that branch. As a thumb rule , any branch which traces back to any one the deobandi leaders is a spoilt branch, because how you send 'rahmah" on some one who abused our prophet sal allahu alayhi wa sallam??
  8. SaidSunni

    SaidSunni New Member

    As-salamu 'alaykum dear fellow members,

    Can we list the silsilas/tariqa branches of the Naqshbandi Tariqa that are known to be pure Sunni? A lot of the "Naqshbandi" resouces online are Deobandi or hidden Deobandi and as I'm interested in the Naqshbandiyya I want to make sure I only look into the Sunni branches.

    I understand there may be too many branches to list, so maybe we can limit them to the ones "accessible" by non-Urdu speakers too.

    Wa jazakum Allahu khayran.

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