rafidi rejects a hadith... (as if we care)

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  1. abu Hasan

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    'according to a rafidi...'

    this is a hadith mentioned in bukhari and muslim; in bukhari, #3407
    bukhari, n3407.png

    this is a very very old objection by the rafidah, and is at least 1100 years old. apparently ibn khuzaymah* has mentioned this objection (see fat'H al-bari: v8/p7)

    fathbari, v8p7.png

    in another slightly variant narration, there is an addition that the angel of death did not retaliate because of the honour bestowed upon the prophet Musa alayhi's salam by Allah ta'ala.

    fathbari, v8p6.png

    in summary, ibn Hajar says: the angel walked in his house as a man and sayyiduna musa did not recognise him and therefore slapped him as he entered the house without permission. the angel was ordered not to take his soul but just inform him that he would be taken away. similar to the angels who came to the house of sayyiduna ibrahim and he did not recognise them.

    [ibn hajar continues:] and supposing he recognised him. from where did this heretic derive a ruling that there should be retaliation (qisas) between men and angels? moreover, where did the angel demand recompense? al-khaTTabi added to ibn khuzaymah's explanation and said that he defended himself and that he had a fiesty temper.

    imam nawawi added that Allah ta'ala had permitted musa alayhi's salam to slap the angel to test him.

    Allah ta'ala knows best.

    imam ibn khuzaymah: abu bakr muhammad ibn is'Haq ibn khuzaymah al-sullami al-nisaburi [223- 311 AH]. see siyar of dhahabi, v14/p365.

    also in passing: there are two other ibn khuzaymah mentioned in siyar:

    1. the muhaddith, the trustworthy narrator (thiqah) abu `ali ahmad ibn al-faDl ibn al-`abbas ibn al-khuzaymah al-baghdadi. dar quTni, Hakim, ibn rizqawayh etc. have narrated from him. he was born in 263 AH and passed away in Safar, 347 AH. [siyar, v15/515]

    2. muhammad ibn Hatim ibn khuzaymah al-kash'shi. passed away in Rajab 339 AH. Hakim accused him of lying and said he claimed to be 108 years old. [siyar, v15/380]
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  2. Danish Memon

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    He himself is making mockery of another Hadith and telling people that other people are doing mockery. what kind of Shaykh are this?

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  3. Danish Memon

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    according to him how can a Prophet disobey Allah by hitting an Angel. That's straight away disobeying Allah!
    According to him how can a Prophet of Allah beat an angel? A prophet is sinless if he hit an Angel that means he disobeyed Allah
  4. abu Hasan

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    make a garland of his words and put his opinion around his neck or stuff it down his throat.
    first tell the rafidi to become a muslim (or if he is not a tabarrayi layeen, and only a tafdili then let him become a sunni first).

    then hand him had'y al-sari. if he cannot understand it or gets confused, let him contact a sunni hadith scholar.

    wa billahi't tawfiq.

    but how does it 'diminish' the status of hazrat musa alayhi's salam?
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  5. Danish Memon

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    He says it's fabricated and diminishes the status of Prophet Musa (Peace be upon him)

    Can someone enlighten me on this?

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