Rahman will appoint love for awliya

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    My feed is replete with #Alahazrat posts. سبحان الله.

    But why?

    Allah Says in 19:96:

    'Indeed those who believed and did good deeds - the Most Gracious will appoint love for them.' (In the hearts of other believers).

    Sayyid Na'imuddin Muradabadi commentates:

    'Meaning, He will make them His beloved and place their love in people's hearts. It is in Bukhari and Muslim, when Allah makes one His beloved, He Says to Jibril: so and so is my beloved - so Jibril begins to love that person and announces in the heavens: 'Allah loves this person so you all love him too.' So heaven-dwellers begin to love him and his acceptance becomes widespread in the world too.

    From this we learn that the widespread acceptance of pious believers and accomplished saints is a sign of their belovedness. Such as al-Ghawth al-Azam, Sultan Nizam al-Din Dihlawi and Hadrat Sultan Sayyid Ashraf Jahangir Simnani رضي الله عنهم and other accomplished friends of Allah - their acceptance is evidence of their belovedness.'

    (Khazayin al-Irfan)

    So the worldwide acclaim of Alahazrat is because he is a beloved of Allah.

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