Rahmatan li'l Aalamin

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    This is the mawlid compiled by shaykh zaynuddeen sagheer al-ma'bari*, the great shafi'i scholar from kerala.

    It has identical or similar narrations and given the shaykh's erudition it can safely be presumed that they are not mawdu' even if they might not meet the standards of the saHiHayn. A keralite shafi'i scholar confirmed this and also told me that the work is based on a similar one written by hujjat-ul-Islam, Imam al ghazzali (raHimahullah).

    alHamdulillah, it has the same sunni aqaid which are also taught by our urdu speaking scholars from north India.

    Some parts of the recitation are accompanied by the daff, which, in my opinion, is distracting and should have been avoided. However, this is the best one I could find online.

    *Author of fatH al-mu'een, one of the mainstays for shafi'i fuqaha. A short bio of the shaykh was posted by brother absalih at marifah forums. It can be read at the archived page here.
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    aicp* mawlid narration: beautifully narrated.

    But what are the statuses of the reports that have been used?
    Can they be narrated as they are related to faDail and not aqaid? and are there any mawdu narrations here?

    These are by someone named gilles sadek:

    this is a brief one with voice effects by jameel haleem:

    * WARNING: AICP are ahbaash and jameel haleem is a prominent figure. the ahbash are problematic and they have been discussed here, here, here, here and here. I do not endorse any of them but I found this recitation beautiful and is probably non-contentious hence this post.
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    fyi mawlana aH sahib does calligraphy too
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    yes that makes sense. it looked very Ottoman in essence, but with the signature year 1412 hijri i thought maybe it was someone from the forum. if there's one group of people i envy (nicely), it's calligraphers. wish i had a decent handwriting, leave alone calligraphy
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  7. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    brother who is the calligrapher?
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    We did not send you except as a Mercy

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