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Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Haaris, Apr 27, 2017.

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    is a loaded question which implicitly assumes that the Creator is similar to the creation in terms of motives, desires, needs etc.


    You might find this post#2 helpful.

    as muslims we lower our heads, rein in our arrogance and just accept the humbling truth that we are mere slaves, blundering mortals and that the Haqaiq - the Grand Truths of existence are beyond our ken, beyond the grasp of our imperfect intellects.

    And the Grandest Truth, the Ultimate Reality is our Creator azzwajal and we do not know about Him except that which He has , in His infinite Wisdom and Mercy, made known to us, according to our ranks and spiritual maturity.

    Arrogance in this regard is foolishness - for pretending to be smart and clever enough to understand The Realities is just that -pretense, and nothing more.

    As sadr-al-shari'ah, mawlana amjad 'ali a'azmi says (paraphrased): "Whatever the intellect can comprehend is not the Divine".

    Allah ta'ala knows best.
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    the arrogance of a human is that he/she thinks they can know everything - or they should know everything. even though they are unable to definitively know things closer to home such as common diseases and their cure, but they think they can easily understand the Plan of Allah ta'ala.

    much like people who are hitherto ignorant of basic fiqh topics and usuli concepts, but would like to do ijtihad and try to understand the methodology behind derivation of certain masayil.

    Allah ta'ala created this world, and no one can ask Him why.

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    Assalaamu Alayakum,
    I was watching a debate the other day and one of the questions asked were:

    Why did Allah create this world if he doesn't need it?

    What are the muslim's beliefs regarding this question?


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