Refuting liars online sho slander Imam Ahmed Rida Khan

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by AlialHanafi, Jan 10, 2023.

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  1. AbdalQadir

    AbdalQadir time to move along! will check pm's.

    it's not just deen or deeni education.

    tweets, status updates and instant messaging (whatsapp, instagram, fb, tiktok etc.) are the order of the day, even for secular and worldly matters. that, and empty sloganeering be it with rafidi inclinations or rubbish liberalist 'logic' even among the worldly people and kuffar.

    people have become miserable even with reading, writing and understanding work related emails.

    books and reading are dying pursuits. within deeni context, i repeat my wish - pick 20 random 'Sunni' ulama and ask them to sit for an open book exam from a hard copy of Fatawa Ridawiyya and see how they do. some might scrape by with a software and search functionality.

    the world is dumbing down at phenomenal levels, despite advances in technology and AI. cold war era propagandists will be so envious of the current world we live in.
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  2. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    I would say refuting people on twitter is also a bit of a backwards approach to spreading knowledge. How about we create an educated public who wouldn't fall for these tweets in the first place.

    Additionally, it is not incumbent upon the knowledgeable people to do everything everywhere all at once. They can concentrate their efforts on other things and if no one is concentrating on twitter... Well, why should they? As long as they are doing other important things. It's similar to how people criticise dawat e islami for not refuting other sects, for example. But they're doing their part in other areas, leading the efforts in most departments. Should they also create a twitter task force or maybe shaykh asrar should or imam shahid? They've all got their hands full. The only people who aren't busy is the awaam like me- that's why we have time to get duped by people on twitter in the first place.
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    HASSAN Active Member


    HASSAN Active Member

    Some more 'supposed' refutations from this Deo.

    He says Mufti Ahmad Yar Khan but it's not from him.

    Another one
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  5. Hanafi Sunni

    Hanafi Sunni Veteran

    Wa-aleykum salaam wa rahmatullah

    Why don't you use this as an opportunity to earn some reward and start refuting them. I am sure you have the time to sit on twitter and deal with all these trollers.
    Online does not mean specifically on twitter. It refers to the internet as a whole. E.g. mawlana abu hasans projects and other sunni ulamas efforts.
    Are you excluded from "this" community?
    Please name that account so that i too can follow it and gain some inspiration.
    Which mistakes? Whose mistakes. All matters discussed are equally important. We cant allow any aalim or student of deen to do as he wishes and pleases. This is the deen of Allah. Once is a mistake, but someone who is ignorant and continuously makes "mistakes" has to be corrected and warned about
    I am sure in sha Allah you will do a good job. Bismillah we all will follow through
    Yet suprisingly these very individuals know about which molvi in bradford sat with a tafzeeli in 2017. Yet 2 years ago they didnt know imam ARK. Ajeeb!

    Please let our ulama do the work. Nobody is free to sit with deviants all day on TWITTER answering them when they fail to listen and are hell bent on speaking lies.
  6. Khanah

    Khanah Veteran

    Are these twitter accounts that you're speaking about famous or have a lot of followers? If not, you can't expect members here to be on twitter refuting the millions of imbeciles on social media.

    The difference between someone with 0 following on social media and let's say Asad Ali:

    1. Asad Ali has a wider reach so attention is given to those who spread wrong doing further rather than bilal whatshisface down the street

    2. The reason why some of these tweets won't be refuted is because they are someone shouting into the void i.e the people capable of refuting don't even know they exist so how can they be expected to provide any response? Which links this to the first point above

    3. In the case of Asad Ali, etc, they made whatever comments they did on social media. Posters brought those comments to SP where they were disussed. In the tweet you brought forth below, you have done the same thing... Brought it to SP where it was refuted immediately. Literally the same thing has happened on both occasions

    I would also add that the people who actually have the knowledge to refute the trash on places like twitter are too busy to actually be on twitter in the first place. As it turns out, refutation requires knowledge and knowledge isn't easy to come by. If you feel there is a void, feel free to spend a few years studying with scholars and then start a twitter police force if you wish. The actual learned people have way too many other things that they need to get to first before they handle randoms on twitter. There are a lot of different needs which are not being fulfilled right now that will take precedence over this

    HASSAN Active Member

    20230105_174915.jpg The Deo has now deleted his tweet.

    Here's the screenshot to what he posted: 20230105_174709.jpg
  8. AlialHanafi

    AlialHanafi New Member

    Now if only we had individuals who could do this and respond publicly

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  10. HASSAN

    HASSAN Active Member

    This is the actual paragraph from Alahazrat with context (minus the deceptive cropping by the Deos)

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  11. AlialHanafi

    AlialHanafi New Member

    Lies after lies

    1610992260174303233 is not a valid tweet id

    Individuals like myself who didn't know of the Imam until 2 years ago are more concerned about answers.. Had I not seen the deception of the Deobandis at first and then come across this, things could've gone very differently.

    There are people here equipped to deal with this. But lets focus on Asad Ali making jokes on Instagram stories.
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  12. AlialHanafi

    AlialHanafi New Member

    Salaam Aleykum wa Rahmatullah

    I've seen discussions on SunniPort about refutations and deviant groups on a regular basis, from criticism of those who tolerate and embrace others to even sharing stages with them while being unaware.

    When Shahid Ali for example attacked Shaykh Asrar Rashid continuously a year ago, there was a lot to say online by this community, with some backing him, others criticising and the rest remaining neutral until more info.

    But when it comes to deviants online slandering Imam Ahmed Rida Khan, his creed and his followers, it's disappointing to see how loud the crickets are. Every day more and more Sunnis outside the subcontinent are being fed lies about the Imam's aqeedah by being exposed to snippets and out of context statements from his works, posted by individuals from the Deobandi school for example. And there is no one to defend it.

    How can this community expect Arabs and outsiders to stay away from Deobandi lies and their baatil aqeedah when no one does anything about it?

    I've seen a lot of comments in recent months saying the work is being done online too, but every day on Twitter for example, which hundreds of thousands of laymen muslims are exposed to, lies are being told about the Imam and the Ridawis, and it goes unanswered.

    More and more outsiders who view both to be Sunni groups are then being swayed to the other side because of allegations and slander, and no one is there to answer. Scans of the Imam's books are being posted. No one answers. There has maybe been only one account dealing with some lies, and that is underwhelming too.

    Did the Imam do all this work for people to just rant and complain about others' mistakes? When will anyone actually stand up and defend the Imam and the Sunnis? Or is everyone here just fixated on a Molvi in Bradford who shared a stage with a Tafdili in 2017 who hasn't made taubah for it yet, and you demand a public clarification from him?
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