Request for a book-"Maulana,Andhe ki lathi"

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  2. Assalaamu 'Alaykum

    Maulana, Ande ki laathi is a book written in Urdu, consisting of three written debates between Sunni and Wahabi scholars on the matter of shirk (polytheism) and bid'ah (innovation of beliefs or worship).

    It includes debates between Maulana Muhammad Miyan Maleg on the one hand and Maulana Atiqur Rahman Sanbhali, Maulana Abdul A'la Durrani and Maulana Shafiqur Rahman Shaheen on the other. The latter three are from the United Kingdom and Maulana Atiqur Rahman Sanbhali is the son of Maulana Manzoor Ahmad Nu'mani, the famous Deobandi debater.

    I request my brothers to please give any links to this book, or if possible the scans. I will be very grateful.


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