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    faDayiH al-baTiniyyah is one of imam ghazali's seminal works on the heresy of the baTinis.

    a cautionary verse in the muqaddimah of the book is also a telling comment on two-faced modernists who use imam ghazali's name to secure a standing among sunni populace - with one hand wave ghazali's books, and another hand accept suHt from the ismayilis (it is Haram income to accept any grant from ismayilis) and try to compromise the ahlu's sunnah.

    i learn about evil, but to protect myself from it;
    and those who do not learn about evil will fall into it.

    the fourth chapter, about their madh'hab starts thus:

    in general, their madh'hab from the outside is that of rifD (the rafiDi madh'hab) and from the inside it is absolute infidelity. (kufrun maHD)

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    In the book "common ground", pg 137:
    from the amazon page -
    an article praising the said book:

    t j winters says:
    sunnipath says:
    keller is an instructor at sunnipath as well as a fellow of the aal al-bayt institute

    link to aal al-bayt institute
    index page says:

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