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Discussion in 'Ridawi Press' started by Hanafi Sunni, Apr 19, 2022.

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    jazakAllah khayran to all those who have been sending corrections (both in public and in private messages).
    there is some delay in fixing some older corrections due to preoccupation in other activities. will be fixed shortly. in sha'Allah.
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    The Khutba page download link downloads the Sunni Deobandi infographic instead of the Khutba infographic.

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    noted. good idea.
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    Perhaps it would be a good idea to include the Imam's name in the body text or titles for a better chance of them showing up in search results. E.g. one of the top results (for me) when googling "ahmad raza british agent" was an insidious archive.org text.
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    the very first paragraph here that starts of "in those turbulent days...."

    the last line of this paragraph seems to have a typo according to me
    its says "they would add a notes or marginalia"
    the alphabet a i think is a typo. its should simply read "they would add notes or marginalia"
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    one more thing you must have noticed, that khulafa pages will in sha'Allah have collected works (digitially available) of alahazrat's khulafa on their bio-pages along with their biographies (books) if available.

    and to keep this separate, we have a separate archive.org folder for khulafa, and we will upload books in the coming weeks. bookmark this for future ref:


    as of now, we have data available on these many ulama. i am trying to locate as many books as i can (making a list of books from khulafa bios, and then trying to search)


    the brothers at marfat.com, alahazratnetwork.com, razanw.com have done a great job having the books scanned; other gatherers such as ataunnabi, zohaib attari, tariq lahori (find them on archive) have put them up, but it is like one big folder. so credit is due to them and you may be able to find books that i have not linked (send us the links, we will add them in proper categories).





    other ways of searching for books, use keywords - ahmed raza, ahmad raza, riza, reza and sift through thousands of entries.
    knowing which books EXIST is a definite plus in addition to the wildcard searches.

    wa's salam.
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    thanks. this has been overlooked - as you can see that there are so many books that had to be linked, some places have been overlooked. jazakAllah khayran. all these will be fixed presently.

    also, for info -we have uploaded everything in folders with proper naming scheme on archive.org. we have mentioned on the site as well, but here is the link, if anyone is interested.


    one can download files directly from archive.org (use the download all files as zip feature) and create a structure like this: (this might be crude, but this is my structure only for illustration; you may have better ideas to organise your books).

    maktaba ridawiyah.png
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    1)pdf is correctly linked, but if my memory serves me right this risalah is found in FR, however under information , no info of it referenced to which volume of FR this.​

    2)this opens up ad dawlah al makkiyah instead of fatawa afriqa​

    on this page (3) of this link,
    except for the (1) and (2) above the rest seems to be linked correctly.

    idk if the old versions are correct, only clicked on the first link (new versions) to spot these.
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    all the risalahs on page one are linked to fatawa afriqah when clicking the download button on the pdf

    there is no pdf attached to this link, it opens a blank archive page when clicking download

    on page 2 of the books monographs section as linked above (line 1)
    except for al malfuz and ahsan al wiyaa (dua book)
    the rest of the risalahs are also linked to Fatawa afriqa
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    the process of finding books, hunting for books and searching for them using variant spellings was a time consuming task. hundreds thousands of files were downloaded and sorted over weeks [and duplicates were eliminated].

    all these books are already found on archive and other locations with random names, and certainly not in categorised folders.

    we still have about 100-150 books that can go in various categories.
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    these are also raza academy versions
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